Thursday, September 25, 2008


Generally we all try to equate ‘barakat’ with material gains and prosperity. Talk to any one and you are likely to receive set answers like - I made a windfall income, my business turnover increased, we managed to buy a new house, a new car etc: etc:

However, Aqa Moula’s doa Mubarak ‘ barakallahho’ is very expansive in its meaning and fruition. It is not restricted to material gains and prosperity only, it has deep meaning and covers the entire gamut of one’s life, so that a mumin by the virtue of this Doa Mubarak, is able to live a contended life of ease and happiness and also try to be spiritually awakened, and be in contemplation of his soul – which in fact is the real thing, whose emancipation, should be his striving and his goal.
In this Sheruallah Aqa Moula (TUS) has bought into focus this very fact in the Munajat Sharifa 1429H

Vazebat is directly linked to ‘barakat’ in the soul. It may seem a paradox to many, but here in is the truth. With this Doa Mubarak the community focus will have a paradigm shift from only material gains and prosperity to that of enrichment of character, mind and soul. One should now shift his focus from materialism to spirituality and the development of the mind.

Start looking more inward rather than outward. I am very confident that if one starts learning to focus on the ‘barakat’ emanating in his soul, on account of him giving ‘vazebat’ and receiving the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) a mumin will develop into a more fuller, awakened and emancipated human being.

His soul will find ecstasy and joy, the thirst for ‘Ilm’ will increase (things will so pass that he will be attending sabaks, circumstances will so transpire that he will be able to say his daily ‘namaz’ on time, will get opportunity to attend ‘miqaats’ etc: ) He will start acquiring that knowledge, which will set his mind free from worldly traps, will learn to feel contentment by detachment of transient things. His focus will be on the eternal and everlasting.

Mumineen will desist from vain glory in material possessions and imbibe noble traits of character, which will enrich the mind and soul.

The exalted status of Aqa Moula (TUS) and his beseeching Allah, on the Night of Qdr, itself signifies, that his Doa Mubarak stands fulfilled and answered.

Now it is for us mumineen to turn our focus on matters spiritual, and those concerning the development of noble virtues (makarim –ul- akhlaq) and acquiring of Ilm.

When the mind dwells in the midst of material and evil propensities, it is like a gentleman dwelling in the slums of the big city.

It is to the simple minded that Allah reveals His Own Nature. Here a word of caution, simple minded should not be confused with simpleton. Our soul is simple (baseet)

Always one should discriminate in one’s mind between true and false, the eternal and transient, and then leaving aside all that is transient, one will slowly learn to fix his mind, upon that which is eternal, that, which is everlasting.

Once realization dawns, we will surely experience the fruition of Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak in our daily lives.

For once, let us change our focus from materialism. In the context of Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak, wealth generation and worldly prosperity is secondary. It will surely grow, as you have already earned it (it is a different subject, which I will not elaborate here)

Focus on the barakats emanating on account of Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak on your mind and soul.

Barakat is not only material gains, it is more encompassing. Start looking inwards and realize the heavenly expanse of your mind and soul. Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak in the context of the above Abya’t Sharifa will surely help you in your quest.

The following lines are so very appropriate and authentic. They reveal the Noble Mission of Aqa Moula (TUS) In myriad of ways with the ‘ta’eed’ of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.) Aqa Moula (TUS) is leading mumineen to achieve total emancipation of mind, body and soul.

Hold steadfast to him, and see the miracle working in you.

‘ Dawat ki khilqaton se aja’aib nufusko
Ijaad kar raha hai ye A’shir naye naye

Farman e ezadi se Dawat ke kanj se
Makhrij tu kar raha hai khamair naye naye

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato – a’fiyat- ta- kiyamat. Ameen.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Earlier also I had written about BHAI TAHER TAMBAWALA, who is associated with MSB – Calcutta for the past 10 years, as Sports Instructor.

His zeal to excel in the field of his expertise, is largely according to him, on account of nazara’t and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) and his persistent efforts and focus.

After being honored with the prestigious post, the first amongst mumineen, that of State Representative for West Bengal for Martial Arts Authority of India, and conducting several State and National Meets, Bhai Taher has received a Doctorate in Martial Arts from the International University of Sports and Martial Arts Science – New Jersey, which is recognized by US Government.

Another first amongst mumineen worldwide in all probability. We at MSB – Calcutta are very proud of our very own Dr. Taher Tambawala. He is actively working towards the establishment of MSB Martial Arts Academy at Calcutta, and his dream is to create a pool of talent of our community youngsters, so that out of it one youngster gets an opportunity to represent India and become a serious medal contender in the 2012 London Olympics
I wish Dr. Taher Tambawala success and this Sherullah earnestly pray that may his dream be realized with the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS)
Dr. Taher Tambawala may be contacted at

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We are out on a shopping spree to bedeck our mind and soul, for Laylatul Qdr. You are invited to join and enrich yourselves.

Herein below are some of the most exclusive pieces of hauteur couture, that I have laid out, which will embellish the mind and soul.
I am not talking of the gold and diamond jewellery, with which we adorn our body, they do surely dazzle the eye, but in this post I am talking specifically about bedecking our mind and soul. What other better embellishment than the most moving and imploring doa mubarak by Moulana Ali (SA) that will surely take you on the spiritual path – this Laylatul Qdr Night.

“ Hamd be to my Lord ; He the Adorable, and only to be adored. My Lord the Eternal, the Ever existing; the Cherisher, the True Sovereign, the Regulator of the world and the Light of the creation.

His is our worship; to Him belongs all worship; He existed before all things, and will exist after all that is living has ceased. Thou art the Adored, my Lord; Thou art the Master, the Loving and Forgiving; Thou bestows power and might on whom Thou pleases, him who Thou has lowered, none can exalt.

Thou my Lord, are the Eternal, the Creator of all, All Wise Sovereign mighty; Thy Knowledge knows every thing; Thy Knowledge knows everything; Thy beneficence is all pervading; Thy forgiveness and mercy are all embracing.

O my Lord ! Thou are the Helper of the afflicted, the Reliever of all distress, the Consoler of the broken hearted. Thou are present every where to help Thy servants. Thou knows all secrets, all thoughts, are present in every assembly.

Full filler of our needs, Bestower of all blessings. Thou are the Friend of the poor and breaved; MY LORD - thou are my Fortress, a Castle for all who seek Thy help. Thou are the refuge of the weak, the Helper of pure and true.

O MY LORD – Thou are my supporter, my Helper, the Helper of all who seek Thy help.
O MY LORD – Thou are the Creator, I am only created, Thou are my Sovereign, I am only Thy servant; Thou are my Helper, I am the beseecher; Thou my Lord are my refuge; Thou are the Forgiver, I am the sinner; Thou may Lord, are the Merciful, All Knowing, All Loving, I am groping in the dark; I seek thy knowledge and love.

Bestow, my LORD all Thy Knowledge, Love and Mercy, forgive my sins, O my Lord, and let me approach Thee my Lord !

(Source: SAHIFA – KAMILA from Mishkat Book IV Chapter 18)

For most part of the year , we are preoccupied with materialism. Adorning and the upkeep of the body takes precedence , having very little time to look inward. Sherullah is the month and specially Layali fadelah, when one should seek out his soul. To help you in understanding your mind and soul – the real things, I present a dazzling adornment, in the form of an Ode to the Soul by Abu Ali Husain ibn Sina (Avicenna)

It descended upon thee from out of the regions above
That exalted, in effable, glorious heavenly Dove
It was concealed from the eyes of all those, who its nature would ken (understand )
Yet it wears not a veil, and is ever apparent to men
Unwilling it sought thee and joined thee, and yet though it grieves
It is like to be still more unwilling thy body to leave
It resisted and struggled, and would not be tamed in haste
Yet it joined thee, and slowly grew used to this desolate waste
Till forgotten at length, as I grew, were its haunts and it troth
In the heavenly gardens and grooves, which to leave it was loath.

Until when it entered the D of its downward descent
And to earth, to C of its centre, unwillingly went
The eye (I) of infirmity smote it, and lo it was hurled
Midsts the sign-post and ruined abodes of this desolate world
It weeps, when, it thinks of its home and the peace it possessed
With tears welling forth from its eyes without pause or rest
And with plaintive mourning it broodeth like one bereft
O’er such trace of its home as the four field winds have left
Thick nets detain it, and strong is the cage whereby
It is held from seeking the lofty and spacious sky
Un till, when the hour of its homeward flight draws near
And it is time for it to return to its ampler sphere
It carols with joy, for the veil is raised and it spies
Such things as cannot be witnessed by waking eyes
On lofty height doth it warble its songs of praise
For even the lowliest being doth knowledge raise
And so it returns, aware of all hidden things
In the Universe, while no stain to its garment clings

(Ode to the Soul translated by Professor E.G.Browne of
Cambridge – History of Persia – volume 2 p 110-111)

So let us for once adorn these thoughts, let our soul for once dazzle on this Laylatul Qdr
Night. See our soul for once peek out of our body, set it free to carol with joy, let it for once warble its songs of praise, and observe its dazzle and purity as we immerse ourselves in Ibada’t.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato – a’fiyat-ta-kiyamat. Ameen.

Doa ni Iltemas.