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Bhai Huzaifa Sk: Abbasbhai from Fakhri Mohalla - Pune has developed a talent of writing English poems. On an earlier occasion also he had written a beautiful poem seeped in the love and affection of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and he was fortunate, to present his poem in Hazarat Aliyah Imamiyah.

Reading the above poem entitled ' The Love Symbol' drawing analogy from a mystery thriller by Dan Brown, proves a point how deep the love and affection of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) runs in the heart of our youngsters. I sought his permission to share it with you all.

It is befitting to recall the following lines from the Madeh of Miasaheb Ahamdali Munshi.

'jees mein na rehata hoye tassavur tera hamein
ai'sa to' koyee roj nahein, aisee shab nahein'

Sunday, November 1, 2009



1) رسو ل الله نسس ححاليس ما ورسسس نبوة ملي

2)رسول الله فرماوسس ؛ كه جه شخص 40 دن لككن  اخلاص سي كوئي نيكي نو عمل كرسسس تو يه عمل ني عادة اهنسس زندككي بهر واسطسس تهئي جاسسس

3)ميلاد النبي سي كه ميلاد داعي الزمان لكك 40 دن تهائي ؛اْ 40 دنو ما مؤمنين قسم قسم سي تعبدات نا عملو كرسس ؛  اهما main concept  يه}؛ كه   يه عملو ني عادة اهنسس زندككي بهر واسطسس تهئي جائي

4)سيدنا طا هر سيف الدين  جه دن داعي بنا اهنا 40 ما دن ما اْقا مولى تي ولادة تهئي

5) اْقا مولى ايك بيان ما فرماوسس ؛ اما م علي زين العابدين امام حسين ني شظظا دة ثثححهي 40 ورس لككن رويا انسس منسس بهي اْجسس امام حسين ثثر روواما رولا وا ما 40 ورس تهيا

6) امام حسين نو جسم مبارك 40 دن لككن كربلاء ني زمين ثثر ثثرا رهيا

7) كوئي ككذري جائي تو اهنا 40 ما دن نسس ححظظلم كهوائي ؛  يه دن ما اهنا فاتحة نو جمن تهائي؛

8)لعين ابن ملجم يه 40 دن ني زهريلي تلوار سي امير المؤمنين نسس شظظيد كيدا

9) كوئي الحمد ني سورة 40 وار ثثرهي ثثاني ثثر ثثظظونك بولي بيمار ثثر ححظظركسس تو خدا اهنسس شفاء اْثثسسس

10) كوئي رات ما سوا ثثظظلا 40 وار  "وكفى..." ثثرهي نسس سوسسس تو اهنسس رسول الله نا ديدار نصيب تها

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The month of Shabaan ul kareem is attributed to RasulAllah (SA) who is the perfect embodiment of all that is good and noble in this world. (

SHERULLAH is The the month of Ibadat, of seeking the bounties of Allah - just ask with true valayat and ma'refat and HE is there to give many folds. Doa and munaja't are the two surest way of seeking from Allah.

In the Kitab 'Nafhaat Husnil Khulq' 1418 H (behtar akhlaq ni khusboo) a detail list of akhlaq mahmoodah (good) and akhlaq mazmooah (bad) are given. There are in all 152 akhlaq mahmoodah. Now how best to seek them is the question. It is only Awaliyah ul Kiram (SA) who are our True Guide. The Doa Makarim Al Akhlaq ( Bihori Kitab 2nd Part Pages 78 to 84)is the azeem ehsan of Imam Ali Zayn al Abedeen (SA) and for many years has been my personal favorite,and at every opportunity during Sherullah I find solace and joy in reciting it.

Al Jamea ut Saifiyah has also brought out a beautiful publication of the Doa with translation in lisan ul Dawat. I highly recommend to my young friends to acquire this publication.

I am indebted to Bhai Abdulkader Kagalwala for creating this video of my rendering of the English Translation of the supplication, and to Bhai Murtaza Attari for helping me with the download. With the help of my young friends, my long cherished desire, has been fulfilled.

There is much to be desired in my rendering, I am merely sharing my personal experience, with the hope that some good will materialize and keep flowing.I hope some one more competent than me, will do better justice. I had developed this unique rendering of the Doa by repeated recitation, and at times, I had felt spiritual bliss and ecstasy.

The translation of the Supplication has been done by William C. Chittick and published by The Muhammadi Trust of Great Britain & Ireland - London. Before clicking on the video I would like to inform that, it is of approx: 12 minutes duration, you have to bear with my voice for that long, I know many may tend to loose interest midway.

However, if you pit it against the hours and hours spent on watching movies or mindless internet serfing, which at times, leaves one exhausted and with no intellectual gain, I think it will do you a world of good during this month of Sehrullah, if you can patiently read the entire translation, it will surely make you aware of the beauty, the depth, the yearning, the spirituality of the Supplication.

My niyat is that after reading the translation, you will be motivated to recite the 2 rakats and the doa as contained in the Bihori kitab, during Layali Fadehla. If you are able to do so the efforts of my young friends, and my self will surely be rewarded.
Just a small note from you that you have recited the Doa Makarim Al Akhlaq in Arabic and prayed 2 rakats, will be a source of great satisfaction to me. The translation can also be downloaded as Google doc by copy paste on your browser.

Monday, August 17, 2009



Last Sehrullah I had written a blog on 'Out on the shopping spree' and those of you who have cared to read it, may have found out that I was not writing about Mall hopping and splurge on goodies, but on things more relevant, more spiritual.

I am sharing with you an article I had written earlier and is posted on my home page I think a most appropriate way to begin the countdown on Sehrullah.

The name of Syedi Sadikali Saheb is synonymous with nashihat, and here I am trying to bring into focus the beauty of it, and trying to propagate the nuance of his works. A humble attempt, so that the youngsters can be motivated to read and reflect on his works. In our majlis the nashihats of Syedi Sadikali Saheb are rendered frequently.

The compilation of nashihat has been published in the year 1399 H . Syedi Sadikali Saheb has in all written 53 nashihats, one the 54th is an incomplete work. His works have been written during the asre maimoon of three Doat e kirams (RA)

2 Nashihats during asre maimoon of Syedna Yusuf Nazmuddin saheb (R.A.)

42 nashihats during the asre maimoon of Syedna Abdo Ali Saifuddin saheb (R.A.)

9 nashihats during the asre maimoon of Syedna Mohammad Izziduin saheb(RA)

Syedi Sadikali Saheb has left behind for posterity, the ever radiating, soul sustaining, akhlaq enhancing, tafadi and ikhlas infused work. His kabre mubarak is in Begumwadi- Surat, and whenever I happen to be there, I make it a point to do ziyarat and recite aloud a few verses.

Each of Syedi Sadikali Saheb’s nashihat ends beautifully with verse infused with the valayat of the Dai -uz –Zaman. In this Burhai Daur each stanza of tafadi and outpouring of ikhlas refers to our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

I share with you all my reflections on a few of them. Hope my ‘write up’ will encourage you all to recite and reflect more frequently.

In the second last stanza of the very first nasihat ‘seekhaman man eh dildar dana - khule tari saadat na khazana’ beginning with ‘e Najmedeen sikandar na e saani ………….

He is seeking Moula’s ‘nazar’ – why is he seeking because he is doing ‘jafeshani’ – gulami ma kare che jafeshani - So your efforts should be there not merely your Moula’s ‘mehrbani’ – I should also deliver, there is something expected from me, I should play my part.

See the beauty of the words - ‘saram ehni che tamne roze-mehsar’ I have done ‘jafeshani’ I have done valayat with a thankful heart, and now for my human shortcomings and failures, every human has his baggage, no man is perfect. Moula I am confident that on the Day of Judgement on Roze Mehsar you will surely do my ‘shafa’at’ because you will not like me to wallow on that day in shame.

‘ane har daur ne har kor under’ Now we all know the meaning of daur – an era, but what is ‘kor’ – so if you do not read you do not know, if you do not seek you do not get, as simple as that. In order to acquire knowledge you have to go to the right source, and it is Aqa Moula’s karam and ehsanats that in each city he has deputized his Amil and given him raza to dispense knowledge to the true seeker. You have to attend ‘sabaks’ to know the meaning of the word ‘kor’ and take it from me, for I know what little I know that the meaning is baffling. Similarly the comparison of the exalted status of Moula to Aashir Mudabbir is purlutf haqeeqat.

So my humble request to my young friends to make ‘niyat’ to attend sabaks to get blessed with the radiance of Fatemi uloom and ‘a’daab’ so that in the words of Syedi Sadikali Saheb in his very first Nashihat I request the youngsters Sikhaman maan eh dildar dana Khule tari saadat na khazana.

In his second Nashihat Syedi Sadikali Saheb refers to Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin Moula (R.A.) as a garden of Jannat and in truth the sweet drink of hauze Kauser, his status is exalted as the sky and in mercy he is like an ocean.

He beseeches his Moula to unburden him from the miseries of sins by his shafa’at because of his exalted position in the eyes of his Lord.

The last stanza of the third Nashihat beautifully alludes to the personality of Syedna Abdoali Saifuddin Moula (TUS) . He states that who can narrate the fine traits of the beloved of Aai Ratan (Busaheba) who is in fact a ‘farishta’ of the Realm on High who has taken the bodily attire. He is like a pearl of the ‘tasabih’ alluding to the everlasting and continues ‘silsila’, and the body is merely an oyster holding that everlasting and radiating pearl.

His radiance is such, it outshines the radiance of the sun.. Syedi Sadikali Saheb alludes to himself and declares that in the khidmat of such a Moula is in fact our sovereignty. His gulami is our stead to cross over to jannat, overcome the obstacles of this existence

The last of the 4th Nashihat begins with the words – ‘eh kul doato na khan na nilam

The Dai e hazir is compared as the most precious stone, and our prayers are answered because of his presence. Syedi Sadikali Saheb alludes to the riwayat of Nabi (S.A.) on his last Haj pilgrimage when he faced East and called his Doat ‘aleyka Ikhwani’ my brothers.

Yusuf Nabi’s brother, is how he compares Syedna Abdoali Moula and goes on to say that he is the Brave (Rustam) of Ale Nabi and the Death knell for the wrong doers, the munafekeens.

At the same time Dai is a source of succor for the true believers who have fallen on hard times and very kind and merciful. Syedi Sadikali Saheb ends by saying that may his khidmat be accepted by one who is the sword – ‘saif ‘ of Ahlul bai’t.

The 5th Nashihat ends with the verse stating that you have taken the bodily attire to set an example and by your actions, you have overcome the baser bodily elements. Abdoali Moula (RA) was in his youth when he ascended the exalted position of Dai ul Mutlaq.

Here Syedi Sadikali Saheb alluding to his youth, says that the farishtas seeing his noble qualities, are saying that he has attained buzurgi. The general multitude seeing your excellent qualities, say that you are the ‘Khuda’ of this earth.

Comparing the torrents of blessings being showered by Dai to rain bearing clouds, he states that the clouds pale in comparison to his ‘faiz’ and goes a step further to proclaim that even the 7 seas pale in comparison.

Sadik Ali saheb proclaims his ‘ududiyat’ by stating that by offering sujood after sujood

We mumineen are fortunate to be in this glorious Burhani Daur and the words of Syedi Sadikali Saheb are ringing true in the personality of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) We offer sujood after sujood in Hazrat Aliyah Imamiyah.

Hope my reflections will motivate youngsters to reflect more and more on the treasure trove of knowledge contained in the nashihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato-a’fiyat-ta-kiymat. Ameen.

Abde Syedna (TUS)
Asgar Fakhrudin

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Birla Industrial and Technological Museum had organized on 10-08-09 a competitive event involving school children for making models, posters and charts on the theme - 'ASTRONOMY'. MSB-Kolkata took up the challenge, and 5 students of class IX and X under the guidance of Science and Craft teachers, prepared a model and charts on the pride of India ' CHANDRAYAN 1 ' The hard work and knowledge on the subject, was highly appreciated and applauded by the judges and the audience.

MSB - Kolkata students also had an opportunity to interact with renowned Swiss astronaut Prof. Claude Nicollier ( credited with four NASA space flights) who gave a fascinating talk on his experiences in space. It was an excellent exposure for the students to know the world of space exploration and to dream as future astronauts.

Being associated with MSB - Kolkata for past several years I would like to share a very important concept. The uniqueness of this Educational Idaara is that, students besides being 'educated' as in any other good schools, acquire at the same time, wisdom in consonance with Deen. Now that is very different from acquiring of knowledge and information.

O.K. they made a model of CHANDRAYAN 1 and their efforts and knowledge on the subject was appreciated by a discerning audience, but what is more important ONE STEP UP is that besides acquiring knowledge of science, about exploration, about moon etc: they at the same time acquire the wisdom of what the 'moon' in actuality signifies - the spiritual knowledge.

They also understand the true import of the following lines related to Sun and Moon.

' suraj naa jim IMAM chhe DAI chhe chand jim
suraj ni roshni thi ye chamke chhe raat ma
ghaib thaya Imam to a'vi satar ni raat
p'an noor ehnu baqi chhe Dai nee zaat ma '

So friends - this for me is ONE STEP UP
one unique aspect of education with a definite purpose
I feel myself blessed to be a WITNESS to it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Auriela McCarthy

Excerpts from must read book of Healing and Transcendence, for all those who are in relationship.

“Nothing changes, until you do.” Lazaris Simple on the surface, this truth – miles deep and anything but simple – is one more thing, that has led me to the writing of this book.

“More tears are shed over answered prayers than over unanswered ones” -
Truman Capote

Once you’ve let go, the Power of Possible floods your consciousness, and everything changes.

Trying to change another person is a hopeless and pointless task. It does not work, it can’t. And it never will.

The colored prism of your control will be distorting your view and blocking out everything that is real.

This choice is our right to choose for ourselves wether to improve or to diminish our lives.

When we accept the fact that a person is the way he or she is, and there is nothing we can do to change this, when we stop imposing our choices for them upon them – the energy field of resistance between us disappears.

It does not mean we have to suddenly agree with the way they are. It simply means we let go of trying to have them be different.

By setting free the one you have been trying to change, you successfully free yourself.

To forgive is to set the prisoner free. And then to discover that the prisoner –
was you.

Remove the need to have the person be different. Accept them the way they are. It does not have to be perfect, it does not have to be hundred percent. Do the best you can. Accept them the way they are. Hold the hope, hold the light of love for them, but do it from a neutral place. Honor them in this way. Respect their freedom of choice. Allow them just ‘to be’

I said to the almond tree, “ Friend, speak to me of God” And the almond tree blossomed
Nikos Kazantzakis.

What happens between two people belongs to with the two of them. No one looking from outside can ever assess, the immeasurable number of nuances, that play in the relationship of others. No one should ever try. Not friends, not strangers, often – not even therapists.

The process of Healing has four phases :

Yes we carry the ones we won’t forgive on our backs, wheter we know it or not. And only forgiveness will bring and end to it.

Often it is not so much what happened to them, but how they dealt with it. Some are better equipped to deal with pain than others.

Forgiveness is a state of grace. Certain misconceptions about forgiveness make it harder to understand it. The only reason to forgive is to set yourself free of your past, so you can step into the myriad of available futures that you can’t see through the eyes of pain. Forgiveness swings open the door of the Power of the Possible and delivers you to the other side.

And if one crow is white then not all crows are black.

At the root of cancer lies anger. Old, petrified, unexpressed, and now deadly. It is the nager that we are sure is too late to do anything about.

“Wisdom is learning what to overlook “ wrote William James
Wisdom is also knowing when to overlook it.

Mortal sins are most serious grievous crimes. Where as venial sins are minor offenses, easy to negotiate and overlook.

Give and take does not exist in a good relationship. Only ‘give and give’ does.
You give one hundred percent and you take zero. Similarly your loved one gives hundred percent and takes zero. Everyone gives and no one takes. The thought “I am getting enough ?’ never enters your mind. You never check the ledger book to see if you are receiving – you know you are. It is woven into the very fabric of your relationship.
Because my greatest joy is your happiness.

That is not a sacrifice. Be very clear, not when it is choice, not when it is a preference. Not when the thing that makes me the happiest is your smile – the knowing that I have been able to give you that.

A fantasy ? Hardly, it is what happens in every successful relationship.

Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, which means that when we come together, we create a separate entity – our relationship – which is far more, in every way , than what each one of us brings to it combined.

Let us look at the four principles of synergy developed by David Berenson, and check them against the relationships you are in.

1. Everyone does his or her part, while taking responsibility for the whole.
2. Everyone does what he like to do.
3. Every one does what he does well.
4. Each person puts the relationship first.
The fourth principle is the most important in this context of relationship.

In a personal one to one relationship, it is the ‘us’ that has to come first.

Whenever there are two different people, there will be times when they will disagree and fight. That’s normal. That’s natural. If that does not happen , then one or the other is selling out. But we both know because it’s something we’ve agreed upon before – we will stay with the fight until we find a solution We won’t go to sleep angry, no matter how late it is , no matter how tempting it is just to roll over and stop talking. And no one will leave the house. No one will slam the door and walk off.

The agreement is to make sure we make up and not let resentment settle in - that is real bad. We won’t drop the subject in resignation. This can never work. No, we will talk until we are both okay. Because we know are relationship always comes first. Not the job, not the career, not even children, not me, not you – but yes ‘us’ comes first.

POLITE in a relationship means we are avoiding stepping on land mines. “Polite’ means we are trying very hard to show how isolated we feel. ‘Polite’ is I have swallowed my anger and rage, and I will not talk to you about what is wrong with us, because I have given up.

This is what happens to couples when resentment and resignation takes root. Polite is the child of their resentment. Beware of your resentments. Like tiny toxic seeds, if left alone, they will sink deep down and will begin their destructive work. They will color your thoughts and feelings, shape your responses, affecting everything you do. And they will grow in size, expand, multiply and soon enough the bigger picture will be blurred, and all you will be able to see is how misunderstood you have been, how unappreciated, and how badly you want to punish this one most important person in your life.

The one who used to be everything suddenly must be hurt, attacked, destroyed , because ‘you are right. Damn it !!’ (or so says your ego asit goes thrashing about, smashing everything that is sacred)

When things go wrong, when you are in the midst of a bad fight, when seized by the desire to punish and blinded by your need to prove that you are right – STOP ! Just make yourself stop. It is not easy, but it is possible.

Take a deep breath. Don’t crush and destroy. Don’t say the things you will certainly regret.

In the midst of all this raw energy, make yourself remember something.
Remember the Love - yes remember the LOVE.

We know relationship is a choice to Love, made every day, consciously.

NEGATIVE EGO : There is a voice inside our heads, and it never tells us the truth. It plays the same old tapes again and again. Every time we allow it to speak, it lies to us. Every time we listen and obey it, it brings destruction, suffering and pain. It is not overly intelligent. Quite the opposite. Our negative ego is dumb. Dumb but cunning, and therefore dangerous. And it is masquerading as our best friend.

It may take our ego a minute to destroy, what has taken a lifetime to create.

No wonder we have difficulties with love. These chains of pain span generations.


To be loving is to love the person the way they want us to be loved; not the way we want to love the and not the way we think they should be loved.

If you love me, you rejoice in the quirks of my individuality. You rejoice in my freedom and I know you see me, you are here, you understand. What makes me unique , is what makes your heart leap for joy. You do not try to change me into somebody else, to fill your expectation. Your love gives me permission to make mistakes. It does not judge me, and it does not lie to me either. I feel safe with you, and I learn to trust you. I open my heart to you and I show you myself.

I look into your eyes and I get lost. I don’t want to return. I can live there for ever. Your eyes – pools of love, and they caress me. They know me with all my foibles and weaknesses. And they tell me it is okay. I am wonderful the way I am . I do not need to change for you.

Now see the MAGIC

But I want to. I want to grow . I want to heal myself so I can giv you my best self. Because your love has lifted me higher than I’ve ever been . It has shown me myself, the way I never knew myself. Myself, my gift. I want to polish it, make it more, for you, for me, for us.

Soul mates are made, not met. Lazaris.

Isn’t it time to live your own life, and not the one others expect you to live ?

Stop looking for the right wrappings. Pretty or not – they really do not matter. The wrappings are just that – something to look at , and then – discard. It is the gift inside them that counts.

“It is not the person that we are with , It’s who we are when we are with the person”

It is up to us to make love work. To say “ It will work because, we will make it work”
To make this choice. And then to live by it.

It is in love’s mystery that we find the magic. It can be touched, but never fully covered. Alluring, enthralling, captivating…… it beckons us, promising untold riches. Frightening us with its immensity of power. To give one person the power to be your whole world.

The power of the subconscious mind is that immense. And its job is quite simple –to record and remember everything and to maintain consistency at all cost. The sub conscious mnd does not evaluate or judge.

We are not here on earth to be understood. We are here to be understanding. To be loving to others, to be kind and to be understanding. To be compassionate of heart and generous of spirit.

If ever you are compelled to seek advice, turn to the person whose relationship works !
Isn’t it simply common sense.

If you want to be full, let yourself be empty
If you want to be reborn, let yourself die
If you want to be given everything – give everything up.

Resignation on the other hand, is rooted in feeling sorry for oneself. We use self pity as a balm, a numbing device to ‘protect’ ourselves from feeling real feelings.

No healing is possible without forgiveness of the self. And to forgive yourself, you must first feel remorse. You must first own what you have done and genuinely regret it.

without communication, honest, direct and with no agendas, a relationship does not have a chance. Talking from the heart can only be possible, if the heart is open. So if you’ve closed your heart to the one you love because you are hurt or filled with anger, do not attempt to talk to him or her, until you are open once more or you will end up making the situation worse.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This post is dedicated to Bhai Shabbir Poonawla, who commented on my earlier post and urged me 'to keep writing'. It is the Greek Philosopher Diogenes again friends.

When one surrenders on its own to the Supreme Power -to the Will of Allah in the larger context, to our Moula (TUS)in the micro context, his Spirituality, will achieve the ultimate flowering, because in this willing surrender is the ultimate salvation.

If someone forcibly turns you into a means and uses you, you are bound to loose your soul. However, your soul will be fulfilled, if you surrender on your own, and become an instrument in the hands of existence.

The Greek sage Diognes, was once captured by a group of petty traders to enslave him. The traders are baffled when Diognes himself voluteers to be handcuffed. As they take him to the slave market to be sold, he proudly walks ahead of all of them. There is not a trace of fear on his face, while his captors look like captives.

Diogenes mounts on the platform and proclaims : ' What are you looking for ? They are all my slaves, and although they are not in chains yet, they cannot run away from me. HERE IS A MASTER FOR SALE - whosoever can afford a master should bid for him'

There are many savants who on account of their wisdom and spirituality have lived a fearless life, because they have willingly surrendered themsleves to the Will of Allah. Our Fatemi history is enriched with many such incidents of true heroism, the one that readily comes to mind as I write is that of Syedna Kutbuddin Saheed (AQ)

He was chained and bound in the durbar of Auranzeb, but by his fearless utterance of Truth, he made all of them look like minions.

' Shere Khuda na sher woh garraya aa kadr..... ' Nashihat of Syedi Sadik Ali Saheb

It was the radiant Spirituality and surrender to the Will of Allah that enslaved Auranzeb, sitting on the throne, and although tied and bowed down in chains, Moulana Kutbuddin Saheed (RA) towered over every one. This is the power of Spirituality and Wisdom.

The sheer joy when individual consciousness merges with the Divine Consciousness, it is difficult to say wether the drop merged into the ocean or the ocean merged into the drop. When this happens, you begin to start seeing miracles. We are all so fortunate to be a witness to the living miracle - our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) who in spite of advancing age, health concerns arrived at 9.40 am to deliver Vaaz at Saifee Masjid in pouring rain on Urs day, and was amongst his beloved mumineen till 2.45 pm.

Friends try to inculcate Spirituality in your daily lives, and feel true ecstacy and joy, that the material world will never be able to offer. The sheer joy of crossing a busy road in pouring rain, with umbrella flying and being drenched, but being in time for the Magrib farz, the sujood of shukr followed thereafter for having 'made it'is just one example of daily working Spirituality. Reaching out to the needy fellow mumineen, in what ever way possible etc: there are numerous ways and means of enriching yourself by enriching the lives of others.

Become Spiritual to become Free.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


When Alexander was leaving for his world conquest, he went to see Diogenes, a great sage, who was lying on a sandy bank of the river and enjoying the morning sunshine.

He asked Alexander : Where are you going and for what ?
Alexander : I am going on a world conquest, I will conquer Asia Minor first.
Diogenes : And what will you do after conquering Asia Minor ?
Alexander : I will then go to conquer India
Diogenes : And what then ?
Alexander: I will have to conquer the whole world.
Diogenes : And what then ?
Alexander: Then I will rest and relax.

Hearing this Diogenes laughs out loudly, and addressing his dog who is sitting neare by says: "Listen to what this mad king is saying. The man says that he will rest after he conquers the world. Here we are resting right now, without conquering a single place. Alexander dear, if rest is your ultimate objective, why not join me and my dog right now on this beautiful river bank ? There is enough space here for all of us. I am already resting.Why are you bent on creating so much mayhem and blood shed around the world, just to rest at the end of it all ? You can rest right here and now"

Dear friends does it ring a bell. Who are we fooling but our own self. Just reflect on what you want to achieve in life. Reflect on the all pervading Spirit, which sleeps in the stone, dreams in the animal and wakes up finally in Man. Try to understand it, reflect upon and sure enough you will find joy, sustenance and ever lasting peace.

In order to achieve Spirituality, first comes NIYYAT - resolve, intention
Fllowed by : TAUBA - penitence
MUJAHDA- probation or striving
MUHAZARA - when you feel the light, which is still veiled
MUKASHAFA -the veil is lifted and your spirituality radiates
through and through
( have used sufi words of attainment to drive the point home)

while on the subject of Spirituality, let me recall the childhood game of spoon and lime race, very popular is school Sports Meet. The one who touched the tape first with lime firmly placed in the spoon won. In real life though we find that people are running blindly at times, focused on reaching first with the spoon firmly in their mouth,( all worldly materialistic possessions ) but wen they touch the tape, they find that in their blind dash, some where down the road, they have dropped the lime.

Friends those who touch the tape, even if they come second or third or tenth for that matter, but with their lime firmly in their spoon, are the winners of this life's race.

On the Day of Judgement everyone will be gathered together in HIS RADIANT PRESENCE, the rankings will melt, those with lime in their spoon will be considered, and those who ran blindly only with spoon firmly in their mouth and without the lime will for ever regret.

The lime constitutes VALAYAT of AQA MOULA (TUS) all noble deeds as enshrined in our Deen. Reaching out to your relatives and community members in need. I need not elaborate.

In your mad rush to touch the finishing line of life, and to come out winner, please be focused on 'the lime' that may have fallen down. Pick it up and you will be the ultimate winner.

Monday, July 13, 2009


22nd Rajab has a significance in our Fatemi tradition, as in many mumineen housholds, we make 'kheer puri' on this day and partake it by reciting salvat on Imam Jafar -us- Sadik (SA) As my wife is busy making 'kheer puri' I thought it most appropriate, to share with my friends some notes on Sprituality, as a befitting tribute to this day.

AQL - The human intellect is a microcosmic refelection of the Universal Intellect (Aql Kulli) When man attains proper use of his own intellect, he is able to move from the level of his own individual intellect to swim in the ocean of Universal (macrocosmic)intellect.

Through going inward (contemplation - taffakur ) he is conveyed outward to dizzying heights.

- From the Article by Irshad Husain.

The body is the brute touched to life. The true man is the other, going pure of the body, rationly endowed with virtues, which belong to the Intellectual Activity, the virtue whose seat is a Seperate Soul, the Soul which even in its dwelling here may be kept apart - THIS SOUL CONSTITUTES THE HUMAN BEING - .......

- From ENNEADS - Plotinus

SPRITUALITY is the way you find meaning,hope, comfort and inner peace in your life.
As the body, mind and spirit are connected, the health of any one of these elements, seems to affect the health and good being of the other.

Some meanings of Arabic words we generally hear in Vaaz and bayans.

'johad'comes from 'jhd' - primaary meaning is to strive or to exert oneself.

Ilm - knowledge

hikmaah - wisdom

taffakur - reflection

al- nafs al mutma'inna (the satisfied soul)

al- nafs al lawwama ( the self accusing soul)

al - nafs al ammara bi al su' ( the soul that enjoins evil) that which comes under the influence of Shiytan

tasawwur - conception

tasdiq - assent

al - burhan - proof

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Had been to my native place Lunavada recently and Bhai Kaizar Rathwala of New Star Printer had gifted me a nice digital photo and had been kind enough to allow me to share it on Mind Mints Blog.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



All photos are courtesy Bhai Abdulakader Kagalwala

Click on the link below to see all the memorable journey photos.

You can also copy paste on your browser :

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


With the ni’yat of shifa e kulli and umre darazi - ta – kiyamat of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) mumineen of Kolkata (Calcutta) along with the family of Janab Amil Saheb Yunusbhai Saheb Zainuddin (DS) numbering 337 including children aged 1-2 years also, undertook a memorable train journey on 22nd April ’09.

The special train comprising of 7 - 3 tier ordinary coaches attached with a pantry car, left Howrah Station at midnight Wednesday, and each coach displayed the specially prepared name charts of mumimeen.

After traveling in the sweltering heat of central India crossing the States of Bihar, Jharkahand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, we finally reached Burhanpur at around 10.15 am Friday.

We traveled in the hottest spell in Met History, as reported in News Papers. Our city has been simmering since April 18th with mercury crossing 40 degrees, on all days and discomfort index of 64 degrees. The train journey took us through the sweeping hot dry spell of North and Central India.

On the day we left, there was a news report that 5 persons died on account of heat wave in and around Nagpur.

Did all these unnerving reports deter us from traveling in non air conditioned train ?
The figures speak for themselves. It was decided that the train journey will be feasible, if 300 persons opted to travel, and here we were 337 bracing the heat and the long journey, with chances of frequent en route delays ( eg: The travel time from Bhusaval to Burhanpur is under 1 hr and it took us more than 4 hrs on account of signal clearances )

On the lighter side of the train journey - the outside heat was pumped right inside our coach S1 as a heated debate between the ladies and gents ensued on the motion 'bazaar ni theli mardo ne nahi pan bayro ne sobhe !!’ In spite of our having a very articulate and knowledgeable Bhai Mudar on our side, the ladies vociferously defeated the motion, as I sulked at the thought, of having to continue to carry the bazaar thela till eternity !!

Another debate on the motion that - ‘ Islamic ladies of yore were more progressive and confident of themselves, as they allowed their husbands to have more than one wife, as per the shariat laws’ also was defeated.

In exasperation I managed to salvage some gents pride by repeating loudly the kalema’at nooraniyah of Aqa Moula (TUS) ‘ bayro ma vakas hoi cheh ! But to no avail, we had to accept defeat, much to my own relief, as I know how difficult it is to manage one in these depressing times!!!

Here I would like to make a special mention of Mulla Shabbirbhai Deesawala, whose kidney problem requires twice weekly dialysis. He was on the train with us and was in charge of setting up the special menu and cooking supervision. He has been serving the community for decades, and the unbound love and affection of our Moula (TUS) and faith borne out of conviction, that nothing untoward will happen, made him undertake the journey.

Special arrangement were made for his dialysis at Saifee Hospital when we were in Mumbai for a day. He returned with us, and believe me, he was looking more robust and energetic, when he alighted out of the train, carrying a box of Alphanso, as compared to myself, looking all tired and haggard !!

I salute you Sir !!! You are an example and an inspiration.

At Burhanpur we were served breakfast immediately on arrival, and allotted comfortable rooms. Calcutta mumineen hosted the Darees, there after we went for ziyarat, followed by Zohar/Asr namaz, mata’m majlis, salavat zaman and finally afternoon siesta.

At 5.30 in the evening we again assembled in roza mubaraka sehan, and majlis, salaam, marsiya and madeh recitation culminated in purjosh Mata’m, followed by ziyarat and Magrib/Isha namaz.

After partaking salavat jaman we headed to the Station and were on our way to Mumbai in the special train, known as ‘ Bharat Darshan’

It was all excitement and anticipation as we reached Mumbai, as usual, late by 4 hrs than scheduled. The waiting buses took us directly to Rozat Tahera, where we performed ziyarat and purjosh Mata’m, and the waiting buses, took us to Saifee Mahal.

In Taheri Masjid under the sadarat of Shz: Huzaifabhai Saheb (DM) Darees recitation was performed. We mumineen were fortunate to have the Darees on 1st of Jama –dil - Awwal, and Shz: Idris Bhai Saheb (DM) Shz: Qusaybhai Saheb (DM) and Mehlam Bhai Saheb (DM) also attended, a singular honor, for mumineen of Calcutta.

After Darees we assembled below the gurfa mubaraka all exited and in anticipation, when Shz: Huzaifabhai Saheb (DM) did arz in Hazarat Aliyah Imamiyah on our behalf, and we were blessed with the Doa Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

With heavy hearts of parting and with doa on each and every ones lips that “Moula aapna deedar ni Eid shitabi thai’ we boarded our respective buses. Lunch packets were served

After ziyarat at Naryalwadi and Sakina bhen Saheba, and tour of the terrorist attacked Taj Hotel,we arrived once again at Rozat Tahera for ziyarat and Magrib /Isha namaz.

After salvaat jaman we were back at the Station for our grueling return journey, which took more than 40 hrs. No regrets but Shukr ! Shukr ! Shukr ! all the way.

For making it a most memorable journey I am deeply indebted to :

Janab Amil Saheb Yunusbhai Saheb Zainuddin (DS) who conceived the idea, motivated and with his raza and doa mubarak, it was made possible. He traveled with his family, and set an example of leadership.

Sk: Saifuddin bhai Rangwala who arranged with the Indian Railways, for the train booking.

Burhani Volunteers who did a very commendable khidmat, right form the start, when the idea was first mooted. The dedicated band amongst them, spared no efforts, worked selflessly, registering names, motivating mumineen, ticket issue and all arrangements, pertaining to the journey.

It was simply because of their effort and zeal, that we mumineen for the first time in the history of Indian Railways, were served meals in the train in ‘ Thals’ ( 40 thals were carried in the train) meals cooked and served ‘our style’ which made a good impression on the Railway officials and staff accompanying us on the train.

Zakireen who were traveling and during the journey recited Marasiya, Madeh, Noha, etc: as arrangements were made in each coach for relay. Their recitations, evoked feelings of love and affection for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) as the train carried us, our feelings, our doa for shifa e kulli and umre darazi - ta - kiyamat of our Moula (TUS)

All Mumineen who were fortunae to travel by this special train.

My young friend and photographer, Bhai Abdulkader. who was with us , is presently filming wild life in Bandavagarh National Park. My next post will carry only photographs and video of the memorable train journey. Insa Allah.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The health concerns of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) during Ayya'mul Ta'budaat, stirred the passions of mumineen, world wide. The immense love and reverence found an expression, in mumineen, young and old alike, from all walks of life, undertaking long walks, from their towns and cities to distant maza'r mubaraks.

In countries like USA and even in parts of India, they walked from markaz to Masjid, in other cities from devri mubaak to Masjid.

The 98th Milad mubarak will be remembered in the annals of Fatemi History, for this unique outpouring of love and affection.

The walks undertaken, are all well documented. I need not go into details. DB Net, Malumaat, Planet Bohra, ZenInfosys etc: have covered them with photographs.

My blog is primarily for reflection - taffakur.

The question is - what have they achieved ?

By walking for a very noble and spiritual cause - shifa e kulli of Aqa Moula (TUS), they have in so doing, attached themselves - 'lahik thavu' with the pious actions of our Imams (SA), Doat and Awaliya kirams.

This to my mind, is a singular achievement, one to die for. Moula 'si lahik thavu, yeh sagla na amal thi amal karta thavu' - attachment, is a sure sign of emancipation, of real freedom.

I will just narrate a few of the 'walks' that come readily to mind.

Imam Hasan (SA) did 25 Haj on foot, walking through the desert from Medinah to Mecca, accompanied by a large retinue.

Each year we hear, how Ziad dinil Aswad came in the hazrat of Imam Jafar us Sadik (SA) to do kadambosi, all tattered and bruised, and seeing him tears, swelled in the eyes of Imam (SA) and he uttered the famous kalema'at -
' haliddin o illal hoob'

Syedi Kazikhan bin Ali (Sidhpur) had walked all the way on foot from Rampura to Ahmedabad. He took the journey walking behind the bullock cart, that was carrying Dai ul Mutlaq !!

Miaji Tajsaheb (Umreth) each year on the day of Ghadir e Khum, use to walk it from Umreth to Ahmedabad in the hazrat of Dai ul Mutlaq, to give misaq !

Our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) had climbed the arduous mountain terrains on foot, in many of his ziyarat trips to Yemen

In recent memory the young Yemini girl who ran all the way, down the mountain, behind the car of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) panting and breathless. When ushered in the presence of Aqa Moula (TUS) just to say ' inni wallaho ohibboka ya Mavlaya' which went on to become the most iconic statement, through out the mumineen world.

I was fortunate to meet this Yemini girl,and heard her sonorous recital of Marsiya and Madeh in the durbar of Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin Saheb (RA)

Mubarakbadi to all those, who out of pure love and affection for our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) under took long walks to mazar mubarak, spread far and wide.

Monday, April 13, 2009



I HAVE FAKHR FOR AND I AM INDEBTED (ubudiyat)to: Janab Yunusbhai Saheb Zainuddin (DS) - Amil Saheb
Masjid Ta'meer Committee of Anjuman e Burhani
Kolkata mumimeen and mumenant, who have contributed generously
My young friends who have shown enthusiasm and zeal they have regualry unloaded truck loads of bricks.
The Masjid that is fast nearing completion is not just brick, mortar and steel - within its precints are reverbarations of dreams, aspirations, tilawat of Quran, marasiya, majalis, madeh and matam of YA HUSAIN and much more. I have been a regular witness, and feel so blessed Now only one wish remains - May Aqa Moula (TUS) grace our city soon.
I had been nurturing for long to have my first pod-cast It is possible on account of my friend Bhai Mohammad Rangoonwla and wild life photographer
Bhai Abdulkader ( I feel indebted to them.

Shukran 98th MILAD MUBARAK TO READERS OF MY BLOG May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato a'fiyat-ta-kiyamat. Ameen.

A new Madrasa Project (MSB Educational Institute) besides the newly constructed Masjid is being taken up soon. Mumineen of the city, and all those who have spent their formative years, in school and colleges, also those who had started their business and than moved on, will readily come forward and contribute generously is my fevernt hope and wish, in the context of the recent bayan Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) at Nairobi, which leaves no doubt, about the very close and personal attachement of Aqa Moula (TUS) with this unique Edcuational Idaara. 'Mumineen ni jama'at! Mamluk - e- A'le Muhammad na pyara pyara Farzando ! Al- Madaresis - Saifiyatil - Burhaniyah ilm o amal nu ek shadab darakth chhe, jehne Mamluk - e A"le Muhammad yeh mara haath si ughayu chhe. 1405 H ma aa sehar Nairobi ma ehna asal ne sabit kidhu'

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been writing posts on the subject of Fakhr - the central theme of 98th Milad Mubarak Ayyamul Ta'budaat. To have an Educational Idaara- herein below the excerpts from the recent bayan Mubarak delivered by Aqa Moula (TUS) on completing of 25 eventful years of this unique educational Idaara at Nairobi, will suffice as to the importance of this Institute, in the all round development of the child, in both Deen and Duniya.

Kalem'at Noooraniyah : ' Mumineen ni jama'at! Mamluk - e- A'le Muhammad na pyara pyara Farzando ! Al- Madaresis -Saifiyatil-Burhaniyah ilm o amal nu ek shadab darakth chhe, jehne Mamluk-e-A'le Muhammad yeh mara haath si ughayu chhe. 1405 H ma aa sehar Nairobi ma ehna asal ne sabit kidhu'

Thus to have such an Educational Idaara in our city is reason enough to feel Fakhr and moreover, to be actively associated with it, for past several years, to play a part in its nurturing and growth, for me personally is a cause to be proud of.

I feel proud to share with you just a few pics from the recent Annual Function of the Institute at Vidya Mandir. The teaching staff at MSB - Kolkata did a wonderful job, and worked hard to make the Programme a success, and more important, to bring to fore the talent and ability of MSB students.

I was at back stage during the programme and was part of all the hustle, bustle and exitement writ large on the faces of Teachers and the participating students alike. The 'Tehniyat' programme by the pre-primary children was well conceived and acted out, kudos to all pre-primary teachers, who really worked hard.

It brought tears to my eyes, when I saw young children, representing States of India and Middle East Countries, dressed in regional costumes, taking centre stage with poise and grace, and offering Milad Tehniyat in regional languages.

Senior School children acted out with aplomb and finesse plays in English, Hindi and Bengali.

I am reliving the moments in the following video and pics.


Syedna Ali bin Mohammad bin Valid ( A.Q) He is the descendent of Walid bin Ukaba in the shade of the walls of whose orchard Muhammad (SA) had taken shelter from persecution at Taif. Walid sent his slave Ardas ( a Christian) with a loom of 18 grapes, which quenched the thirst of Nabi (SA) who felt refreshed and prayed for Walid.

The descendents of Walid bin Ukaba served Fatemi Imams with diligence and 18 Doat Mutlaqeen are from his nasl and Syedna Ali is the first amongst them.

The tawazo and ubudiya’t of Syedna Ali for his Moula Syedna Hatim Mohiyuddin (AQ) is a glowing example. Syedna Ali was entrusted with imparting sabaks to Syedna Ali bin Syedna Hatim Moula (AQ) and when he came to know that Syedna Hatim (AQ) had intentions to confer nas on him, he did arz to Syedna Hatim, saying ‘ Moula aapna farzand ilm ma ane tamam fazl ma tayyar thai chukka chhe, mara paas je hatu ye saglu aapi chuko chu, magar ek fazal ehma zyada ye chhe key eh aapna farzand chhe.’

On hearing this arz of ikhlas and ubudiy’at Moulana Hatim (AQ) said – “ Ali bin Mohammad malaaekat karta bhi wadhi gaya’. Such was the gulami, that resulted in ‘humami’ that not only Syedna Ali, but in his nasl another 17 Doat Mutlaqueen became the Spiritual Leaders, who guided the mumineens of many generations, on the path of salvation and emancipation.

Another star that shines bright in the heavens of ubudiya’t is Moulaya Adam – Vali ul Hind. He exemplified by personal example that, the real status is achieved by submitting to the Will of his Moula. The directive issued by Syedna Idris (AQ) from Yemen to pray behind the sakka (water carrier) was carried to the letter, in true spirit and without hesitation or doubt. His progeny and the za’ereens who flock to his Roza mubarak seeking their wishes, and finding fulfillment of their desires, is his ‘humami’

Syedi Najamkhan saheb son of Syedna Firkhan Shujauddin (AQ) is another glowing star adding radiance and showing direction to the seekers, in the path of spirituality.

When Syedna Ismail Badruddin (mohta bawaji saheb) (AQ) took away the rutba of Izn (mazoon) his ubudiya’t glowed in all radiance. When mischief mongers, seeing an opportunity, approached him to sway him to their camp, he repulsed them saying ‘ Izn (mazoon) no rutbo mara Moula ye aapo hato yeh pacho lai lidho, to’ yeh mara Moula no haq cheh, magar mara Moula nu ehsan cheh ke mane mumin baki rakhane ! Agar aap farmavi de ke tame mumin nahin, to mein kahan ja’v ?

The light radiating from this noble act has saved many from falling into the trap. During our life journey, living in a society, many difficult situations do arise, at times,but recounting and recollecting these noble acts, have saved many a souls from perdition.

While gazing up at the heaven of ubudiy’at another star light shines bright and beautiful – that of Moulaya Khanji fir Saheb (Udaipur). His cleaning of the foul smelling rubbish, from the place near where Dai gave ‘sabaks’ – when asked by Moula, as to the cleaning - the barb by one who said ‘ aa Udaipur thi avela chokra yeh kachro sa’f kari didho cheh’ to which Moula replied – ‘ aa khanji fir ni shaan ghani baland tha naar cheh !!’.

Friends, ubudiya’t really reflects in small acts. When others are thinking that it is not worth it, or it is below one’s status or dignity, you will surely come out a winner, if you think it right. You will only be able to do it, if you have unbound love for your Moula, this is for sure.

Syedna Abdo ali Saifuddin saheb’s nashihat ‘kikabhai jaldi parho’ to his son Syedna Mohammad Badruddin saheb (AQ) is a glowing star in the heaven of ubudiya’t.

mara bawaji Zaki
jai Ujjain zhuki
lidhi shaan malaki’

‘gagar ma sagar’ goes a saying in Gujrati, and how very true for the above simple yet profound words. The potentiality of becoming a ‘malak’ the ultimate goal of every mumin, is engrained in each individual, but by ubudiya’t, that potentiality can be transformed into actuality. This is the message conveyed beautifully in simple words.

The heaven of ‘ubudiy’at is full of such glowing stars, but my gaze, my knowledge is limited, I fervently hope and pray that some more learned then me, will share his knowledge and insight on the subject, for the benefit of my young friends, in near future.

However. who can ever miss the dazzle of the glowing galaxy of magnificent and resplendent stars – the Doat –us – satr, and the most resplendent, the most breath taking and brightest amongst them, – our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS).

Doat us satr , during the long illustrious history of more than 900 years, have taken pride in calling themselves, as ‘ Mamluk – e – A’le Muhammad’ without exception, although we know that Imam uz Zaman (SA) have vested in them all the powers, given them the position of ‘karamat’ for which, we hold them in awe and reverence.

This mamlukiyat itself, is a strong and compelling message to mumineen that haqiqatan fakhr is in the gualmi of Moula. As for the humami attained by this gulami – the illustrious life of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) is an example, which none so ever can deny.

I hope I have been able to prove the paradox.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fakhr in ubudiy'at - Part 1

The genesis of this most noblest of ‘ husn ul khulq’, an integral part of our Deen and the emancipation of our souls, is reflected in all its glory, in the life of Moulana Ali (SA)

He was fakhr in ubudiy’at personified, he set an example to be followed by the never ending chain of Imams (SA) Doat Mutlaqeen and Awalia ul Kiram, who by example have tried to inculcate this virtue in mumineen through out the ages, for their emancipation.

Ubudiy’at is the surest way and as Syedi Sadikali Saheb has said :

Sadiqali ehva Moula na ni ubudiyat, ma humami che
paar hayua thava khatir ehni haqiqi gulami che ‘

(humami refers to becoming leaders of men – kingship)

Before proceeding further, I would like to share my views, specially with my young friends , who may be wondering at the paradoxes. Yes indeed – fakhr in ubudiy’at and ‘gulami ma humami’ are paradoxes.

A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement, that is none the less true. Like most paradoxes in life, ubudiyaat ma fakhr and humami have to be experienced, as it is born out of true love, it is more a ‘soul thing’ than a ‘mind thing’

First and fore most you have to connect with your Moula. Only those who are capable to experiencing unselfish love, pure love, love that does not seek, but only gives - a soul in perpetual ‘shukr’ will find joy, peace and salvation in ‘ubudiy’at’

Those attached to the material world, will find it difficult to understand. Only when the material gross is removed, will the radiance of ubudiy’at, enrich their lives, and a true understanding will dawn.

So first is the connection with Moula, and thereafter unbound love for him, are the first steps. Once that spiritual bond is established, things will become real easy, and ubudiy’at will radiate through and through in all actions. Even though ‘humami’ is not the seekers goal, may be himself, in his own life time, or his progeny will surely be rewarded. Our glorious Fatemi history is resplendent with this fact, and I hope to narrate, a few in this very post.

The personality of Moula Ali (SA) inspires awe and reverence even in a small child, whose knowledge is limited. His bravery in Badr, Ohad, Khandaq, Khyber and all military expeditions, is well known. His knowledge of all that his contained in this World and Akherat are also ashkaar. I will just touching on the points, as every one is well aware of the riwaya’ts.

He proclaimed : ‘haza Kitabullah il sa’mit, wa ana Kitabullah il – natiq’ Before I depart from this world, ask me of any thing that is contained in this World and Akherat.

In both I’lm and A’mal he was a zenith, a lighthouse that showed the way and dispelled darkness. Now I will narrate just one incident from his glorious life, on the subject of ubudiy’at.

Once when Muhammad (SA) accompanied by his ashaab were traveling, the sandals of Nabi (SA) broke and needed immediate mending. It was Moulana Ali (SA) who immediately sought raza to mend it.

As Nabi (SA) sat down with his ashaab, Moulana Ali walked a little distance and sat down to mend the sandals. Nabi (SA) saw a fit opportunity to proclaim the exalted position of Moulana Ali (SA) and said : ‘tamara logo ma kitnak ehva che je ta’wil par jang karsejim mein tanzil par kidhi.’

Barely he finished uttering these profound words, that Haughty No 1 got up, and said - ‘a’na ya Rasulallah ?’ Aqa Moula ek bayan ma farmayu ke -
‘a’ne jhallo ghano !’ He went back to his place and Hughty No 2 got up, to ask the same question, to be given the same reply, and he was followed by Hughty No: 3 who was also, shown his place.

Moulana Ali (SA) the veteran of many hard fought battles, the Kauser of I’lm e ladduni, was far removed, engrossed in mending the sandals of his Moula (here just juxtapose your individual achievements and your ubudiya’t with that of Moulana Ali (SA) and you will understand the real greatness of Moula ali (SA) and his ubudiyaat – to feel inadequate and so very small, like a sand speck is one of the first steps)

Nabi (SA) proclaimed pointing in the direction of Moulana Ali (SA) – wala kinnahu khase-ul naal’ It he who is mending my sandals !!!
I will now narrate just a few, there are innumerable in the glorious annals of our Fatemi History, but just a few, on how, the ubudiyaat exemplified in the life and actions of Moulana Ali (SA) was reflected in the lives of Doatul Mutlaqeen and Awaliya kiram sahebs. I will just be making references, as the point is to prove the paradoxes, under discussion, and the truth contained therein.

End of Part 1

Thursday, March 19, 2009

FAKHR - Pride ( post 2)

FAKHR of Nabi Mohammad (SA) in THE MESSAGE OF ALLAH. Mohammad (SA) was the personification of noble traits. ‘innaka la’lla kholoqin azeem’

‘He attained the height of eminence by his perfection
He dispelled the darkness (of the World) by his grace.’ (balagal o’la be kamalehi…)Such was the noble character of our Nabi (SA)

He suffered with fortitude and courage the ignoble acts and persecution of the Quraish -taunts, ridicules, throwing of camels entails on his person, while he prayed at Kabah. The Quraish went to extremes. Muhammad (SA) did not waver a bit, when it came to delivering the Message of Allah. Fakhr in his being the Messenger of Allah was paramount.

Here I am relating a historical incidence, which will help readers in understanding and inculcating Fakhr in our belief system and faith, which we hold dear. No compromises in this matter if we inculcate Fakhr.

So in this post, I am narrating the incident in detail, how Muhammad (SA) spurned the enticement of the Quraish and his reply to Moulana Abu Talib (SA).

The Quraish came to Muhammad (SA) with temptations of worldly honor and wealth, to entice him from spreading his Message. One day Utbah son of Rabi’ah approached him and said “ O son of my brother, thou are distinguished by the qualities and descent. We have a proposition to make to thee, think well.

When Muhammad (SA) said: ‘ Speak Abul – Walid, I am listening’

He said, “O nephew ! If you are doing all this with the view of getting wealth, we will join together to give you greater riches than any Quraishite possessed. If ambition moves you, we will make you are chief ………”

When Utbah had finished laying before Muhamad (SA) all the worldly enticement, Nabi (SA) recited the verses from Surah Fussilat (41) and Utbah was mesmerized and went back to his people saying Muhammad (SA) is attached to his Message of Allah and cares not for the worldly riches and positions. He advised that he be given full freedom to pursue his goals. But his counsel fell on deaf years.

Several Quraish deputations were made to Moulana Abu Talib (SA) requesting him to stop his nephew from preaching against their religion of idol worship. The Fakhr of Nabi (SA) in the Message of Allah was so very profound, that he said to his dear uncle Moula Abu Talib (SA)

“ O my uncle ! by Allah if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, that I abandon this course, I would not abandon it until Allah has made me victorious or I perish therein”

So this is real Fakhr that our Aqa Moula (TUS) is alluding to in this 98th Milad Mubarak – Ayyamul Ta’budaat.

When it comes to matter of Faith and belief system, we should rise up and proclaim, that I can be humble, patient, understanding, accommodating, you may at times misunderstand me as weak, but I AM NOT UP FOR SALE in matter of my Faith, and my Deen. My Fakhr will not brook any short cuts and compromises.

It is time of introspection friends, look inward , and make a self assessment.
It is empowerment, the concept widely taught in all Business Schools and very current in Business Lectures around the world.

Here I would like to recall the bayan mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) when he said - ‘Mumineen, tamne koi gareeb samjhi ne ijan ape to na jajo, hargij na jajo’ This is empowerment of the financially weak, the instilling of Fakhr being a mumin, although not well off financially.

However, there is a subtle difference. If you have Pride (haughtiness) then empowerment denotes controlling others. On the other hand Fakhr denotes, taking charge of your life, a more profound aspect of self development. Let us inculcate this Fakhr in our daily lives.

In the next post I hope to write on Fakhr in ubudiyat. Insah Allah.
Moulana Ali (SA) the perfect embodiment of this noble trait, comes to mind readily.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are in the midst of celebrating the 98th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and are carrying with us the visions and dream of celebrating his 100th Milad Mubarak Insa Allah.

I have been giving a serious thought on the subject of ‘Fakhr’ (Pride) which is the main theme of this year’s Ayyamul Ta’budaat. Let me share with you all, my thoughts on the subject.

Pride resulting out of material possessions, I need not elaborate here, is haughtiness, a negative and self destructive trait. Fakhr emanating out of things spiritual and non-tangible, adds luster and releases positive energies for the development of the mind, soul and body. Fakhr is conducive to mental health. When we have self confidence and self respect, we thrive. Ask any expert on behavioral science, and they will agree, that it is so. No doubts here.

Now the question – How best to inculcate this positive Fakhr ? – as humans we are attuned and attached to all things material. Aqa Moula’s Kalema’t Nooraniyah, surely shows us the way :

‘Ay mara pyara farzando ! Tamne koyee chiz nu fakhr hoyee to’ Imam Husain na matam ane buka nu fakhr hoyee.

Koi beezee duniya ni chiz nu nahi. Ay mara pyara farzando !

Imam Husain ni shadaat tamne parhi ne sunawoo, yeh mara vaste fakhr, ane ehna si mari sehat and badan ma quwwat.

Haqiqi fakhr su ? Ke A’al – e- Mohammad ane yeh sagla na doaato ni gulami.
Yeh haqiqi fakhr

So here we have it. In one of his earlier bayan mubarak Aqa Moula (TUS) said: ‘ je waqt mumin Abde Syedna likhe che, to’ ehne fakhr mehsoos thai che, ke mari nisbat mara Moula si chhe’

In order to understand, appreciate and finally inculcate the positive Fakhr in our daily lives, the historical incidents from the pages of our glorious Akhbar , albeit only a few have been taken by me, there are countless, but my knowledge is limited, I hope others will also share their knowledge. The purpose is to have an insight on the subject.

In many cases I will be just giving the thread of narration, and not the details, as every one surely knows all the riwayats, which I hope to refer, just the points, during this Ayyamul Ta’budaat. This being by first post on the subject. Your comments will provide me with guidance and motivation, for which I will be ever grateful.

FAKHR of Ibrahim Nabi on the WILL of ALLAH - Everyone knows the riwayat of Ibrahim Nabi (SA) when he was about to be thrown in fire – Jibraeel was bewildered at the reply Ibrahim (SA) gave that I seek nothing from Allah – what happened – ‘kulna ya naar kooni bardan va salama’ – Ibrahim (SA) said to Jibraeel - I felt ashamed to seek deliverance when Khuda ni hiqmat was that I should be martyred.

The Fakhr was in accepting what was Willed. A lesson to be learnt.

FAKHR of Musa Nabi on the FATIH IN ALLAH - He goes to the court of the mighty and most powerful Firaun with his vasi Haroon, both carrying nothing with them, but the walking stick. Every one knows how he managed to subdue and baffle the haughty Firaun and his courtiers.

For Musa Nabi (SA) the Fakhr was in reposing full FAITH IN ALLAH. We mumineen by reposing full faith in our Aqa Moula (TUS) can overcome seemingly difficult obstacles.

To be continued …………..

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Alf sajadat-us-shukr va ubudiyat in Hazrat Aliyah Imamiyah for the barakat received by the world wide community of mumineen of the Chelum Va’az audio relay from Darussalam.

Two very powerful messages – the first CONTENTMENT which will help in keeping the mental balance and equilibrium and the other to move forward, not to cry over spilled milk, by thinking and acting positively in all life situations, were delivered loud and clear.

I share with readers, some thoughts on the subject. Let me start by quoting the sayings of Moulana Ali (SA) from NAHJUL BALAGAH

• Contentment is wealth that does not diminish.

• Livelihood is of two kinds : the livelihood which you seek and the livelihood, which seeks you; if you do not reach, it would come to you. Therefore do not turn your one day’s worry in to a year’s worry. Whatever you get every day should be enough for you for the day. If you have a whole year of your life even then Allah will give you every next day what He has destined as your share.

If you do not have a year in your life, then why should your worry for what is not for you. No seeker would reach your livelihood before you nor would any one over power you in matter of livelihood. Similarly whatever has been destined, as your share would not be delayed from you.

Aqa Moula (TUS) said that by kan’aat, we can achieve Hay’at Taiyyebah, which is the goal of every mumin.

Now the question arises how to inculcate the virtue of CONTENTMENT.

It is not something to be searched for and found, it is primarily development of the right attitude and the persuit of a life style based on conviction and not circumstances.

Achieving reasonable standard of living - habit of giving - cultivating a close and warm hearted feelings for others – a thankful heart – rejection of base less fears – establishing priorities and most important having full trust and faith in the broad scheme of things as envisaged by Allah.

Start inculcating the above and soon you will find your self living a life full of contentment and happiness.

Personally for me it is a matter of great satisfaction, sharing with you all this 40th post on the Mind Mints blog on Chelum day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


It’s real downtime folks, so like many companies, specially in the financial and service sectors going bust, the currency of the most popular dictum, on which many made a lot of money ie: ‘WORK HARD – PARTY HARDER’ has also gone bust.

Many including yours truly have reverted back to the simpler pleasures of life, one of them being reading of books. After having thumbed through the recent best seller “Dreams from my Father – A story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama, gifted by my niece,Zahra an Obama fan, who came visiting from the States, I had to fall back on my small collection of books, to find solace and peace in troubled times.

As I read through Linda Goodman’s STAR SIGNS I came across a this interesting poem therein. May be in good times I may have just smirked and moved on, but as these are bad times, I read it again and again and thought - is it possible, can it be used as a survival strategy, many thoughts rankled my brain. I will not elaborate but share with you the beautiful verse and the blessings of the riwayat, which every mumin does know well, which suddenly came to mind, as I tried to rationalize the truth contained in the verse.

I leave it entirely upon your discernment and prudence to make a judgment, if at all in these difficult time, it can be used as a survival strategy. Very radical indeed, hope some one has the courage to ‘JUST DO IT ’ ( amusing thought whether NIKE themselves are putting faith in their tag line, during this difficult times)

QUOTE : …….. and tonight I’m remembering

those bubbly moments of bittersweet
when a tapped out stranger stops us on the street
to ask you for a dime or a quarter
a fellow Earthling, who’s lost his or her way for a while

you always smile, then give the lost one five dollars
or ten ……. or twenty

even when you’re broke
and it’s your very last five ……. or ten……. or twenty

then, when the Taker looks shocked, as they always do
you call back, over your shoulder

‘ listen, if you want any more
just give half of that away
don’t save it for a rainy day !
rain rhymes with pain
…………. give rhymes with live!’

Pray what are your first thoughts, as you finished reading
‘absolute rubbish’ / ‘far fetched’ / or ‘may be there is truth, of which I know not’

As I conveyed earlier, I read it again and again, what made me read it I know not, and I recalled the riwayat of Moulana Ali (SA) heard many a times in va’az. Forgive my narration, as it is always very difficult to convey it in English.

The household of Moula Ali (SA) had been without food for three days, so Ma Fatema (SA) pleaded with Aqa Ali to arrange for some money, so that food can be bought. Moulana Ali (SA) secured 1 dinar as karzan from a Jew and while returning, he chanced upon Mikdad bin Aswad, sitting in the heat of the day, on the way.

Upon enquiry Moulana Ali came to know that the household of Mikdad had been without food, for past four days, and Mikdad was at his wit’s end, as to how to arrange for some money. Moulana Ali told Mikdad of his own personal plight and said he has just secured 1 dinar as karzan and was returning home.

But Moulana Ali did what only Moulana Ali could only do. He gave Mikdad 1 dinar saying, go Mikdad, buy food and satiate the hunger of your family, who are without food for 4 days at a stretch ALLAHO AKBAR !!!

So giving Mikdad 1 dinar Moulana Ali slowly made his way towards his home, where Ma Fatema (SA) and Imam Hasan (SA) and Imam Husain (SA) .were eagerly awaiting his return.

Here I would like to make a very important observation. Moulana Ali could have easily told Mikdad, that see I have borrowed 1 dinar from that particular Jew, go to him, and borrow one dinar your self. HE SIMPLY GAVE HIS ONE DINAR AWAY !!

As Moulana Ali (SA) was making his way back home, he chanced upon Muhammad (SA) who said, that he intended to partake food with Ahle Bait (SA). Moulana Ali immediately offered the invitation, and both of them hurried towards home.

Every mumin knows this riwayat so very well. What happened when he returned - Ma Fatema (SA) in sujood, and lo and behold the m’aedat from heaven - the look of utter bewilderment and a hint of suspicion in the eyes of Moulana Ali (SA) as he looked at Ma Fatema, and finally Muhammad (SA) telling Moulana Ali (SA) that it was only because of his giving 1 dinar away to Mikdad !!!

So friends, no one on earth can do what Moulana Ali (SA) could do, but we can all learn a lesson, in this difficult time to reach put to those of our fellow brothers, who are in need of our support and understanding.

REACH OUT with your funds, your knowledge, your zeal to serve, the least you can do is to provide a willing ear and proffer some advice and solace.

Let us not merely think of our own self and family , not be mean and narrow minded. Let us have a broad vision and lofty goal. Not to hoard wealth – investing it with the sole purpose of having to avoid sharing it with others. If from this down turn, we have not learnt a lesson, when will we ever learn.

On daily basis we are seeing the stories of investments going down the drain, the high and mighty of the financial world, looked upon as demy gods, biting dust. Those that have received accolades and awards, turning out to be plain and simple cheats.

Difficult times demand difficult decisions to be taken. Are you game ?

Monday, January 19, 2009


Once in a while it does a world of good for the tired and exhuasted mind to deviate, from serious issues in life and enjoy humour. This one if no slapstic but real British humour, with a potent message, which vindicates the teachings of our beloved
Aqa Moula (TUS)

It will surely provide fresh mints to your tired mind, at the same time make you fully aware of the finaiancial mess, that the Investment Bankers, have led the world into. ENJOY AND MORE IMPORTANT LEARN !!!

Bird & Fortune - Financial Crisis - Silly Money

(copy paste on your browser please)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


MUSIC is not an anathema ( I am talking from our community perspective here) if understood and enjoyed in the right spirit. I am sharing with you some of the information I have collected on the subject, which will also set you thinking. Read on friends ………

If you care to read history, you will come to know that the famous Arab philosophers, were the ones who expounded on Music.

BU ALI SINA (Avicenna) defines music as ‘ a mathematical science ‘ in which there is discussed the state of melody, in so far as it is harmony or it is discord, and the state of intervening period. His book was entitled “Introduction to the art of Music’
His pupil Ibn Zaila wrote a Book – ‘Suffeciency in Music’ and his contemporary, the great mathematician and physicist Ibn Al Haitham, complied two studies on Music.

KINDI’S extant works on musical theory are the earliest existing in Arabic.

THABIT IBN QURRA - the mathematician – RAZI the physician philosopher, contributed to writing of musical treaties.

FARABI - the great Islamic theorist’s book – ‘ Grand Book Of Music ‘ has been subject of modern study. He also wrote on the Style of Music and on the Classification of Rhythm.

BUZJANI - the famous Mathematician wrote a Compendium on the Science of Rhythm.

IKHWAN –US – SAFAH (Epistles) had an entire chapter on Music, which was widely known.


Is not reading all this music to your ears, my freinds !


Like a human who can rise to be angelic or fall down to the depths, to even shame Satan, Music also emotes powerful contradictory forces on human mind and character. It is for this very reason, that in our Deen, in order to safeguard us from the negative and harmful effects of Music, directives with regard to music are issued and strictly adhered to. It is not a ‘gag’ as some wrongly view it, it is a blessing in disguise.

The philosopher’s of yore wrote extensively on the therapeutic value of the music, and the effect of different forms of composition on a man’s mood. They were interested on the spiritual awakening of the mind and soul.

The music that is churned out now days , has the beat, the rhythm, sound, vibrations and the high and low pitch notes, it is foot tapping, hip swinging but not mind and soul awakening, and we as mumineen our more concerned with the therapeutic value and awakening of the mind and soul, rather than toning of our leg and hip muscle and bones !!! There are better exercises for achieving body flexiblity.

It is not that musical instruments are banned but we make judicial use of it. However, we have developed the art of what is known as cappella music to a state of perfection. (It is vocal music or singing without instrumental accompaniment)

For the last several years SAUTUL IMAN - a voice development project by Mahad Al Zahra is doing a commendable khidmat in the development of this genre of music. This year it was very interesting to see youngsters, downloading Marishyah from the Sautul Iman website for each particular day of Muhrram and sharing with each other and practicing recital.

In a few years time, we will have youngsters perfecting the art of cappella music, at the same time learning a lot to differentiate between music, that elevates the mind and soul and that which awakens baser passions and desires.

Besides Marsiyah with broadly comprises ‘salaam’ – ‘musaddas’ - ‘noha’ (matami/non-matami) each having a particular form of rendering unique to its self, there are different forms of rhythm and recital beats, used for rendering Hamd – O Sana (the lyrical quality of Quran is brought out to perfection in the recitation of ‘sana’ in fazr namaz if properly remdered) Qasida, Naa’t e Rasul (SA) Manqabat – e – Ali (SA) Nasihat etc:

In conclusion I have this to say. There is a lot to learn and much to appreciate in our Deen, provided you are willing to learn and understand.

In our Faith, the famous mathematicians, physicists and philosophers who expounded on music, but now days one tend to be avowed by …………. (draw your own conclusions)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Imam Husain (SA) Shukr was exceptional. He recited this dua on the day of A’ashura.

‘ O LORD ! I offer you my gratitude, permeating every pulsating vein in my body, for every morsel and droplet you have provided, by the number of follicles in my body’

Aqa Moula (TUS) interpreting the meaning of the supplication, expounded.

‘Though the blood was flowing from his veins, though he had not tasted a drop of water for three days, though wounds abounded his entire body, Imam Husain (SA) expressed his gratitude to Allah.’


Coincidently 5th Muhrram happened to be the New Year 2009. What the economies of the world have witnessed in the last quarter of 2008 and what is forecasted for the coming year is a cause of great concern.

However, we mumineen under the benign and farsighted guidance of Aqa Moula (TUS) feel secure and confident, that come what may, with the Doa Mubarak of our Moula and from the barakat and blessings emanating from the buka and matam on Imam Husain (SA) during A’shara , we mumineen will surely tide over the obstacles, if any, and come out winners.

It is crunch time, when around the world people are reporting to work, even when sick, for the fear of loosing jobs, when businesses are going out of the way to please the customers and save plunging sales, we mumineen are attending vaaz, downing our shutters during peak business hours, and those in service have taken leave.
Isn’t is amazing ! It sure is !!

Why ? Because we have faith in our Moula and are not overtly perturbed by what the economic pundits predict. Here I am not saying that the Economists and experts of financial market are wrong, but on the contrary their predictions and reading on how the world economy will shape in the year 2009 is based on hard facts and figures, and their expertise and judgment is valued and respected.

Mumineen either in business or service are an integral part of the world economic system, and what effects others, will surely effect them also. They will not be immune, but what is important, is their reaction to the forces of market. It is observed that, in a challenging situation, it is the reaction of an individual that differentiates, between the winner and a looser.

Now coming to the point I want to make. Aqa Moula’s bayan mubarak on 5th Muhrram, the first day of 2009 is very significant in the sense that he has sent out a very important and far reaching message to his followers, which will safeguard them and help in positive thinking, to count their blessings in the midst of economic woes.


If you have been fortunate to hear the audio clip ( you will have notice the emphasis and the feelings surrounding the utterance of the words, with pregnant pauses containing a vortex of feelings and thoughts that may be arising in the mind and soul of Aqa Moula (TUS) when he addressed his ‘farzando’

‘Mumineen ni jamaat – Shukr karva thi faydo thai chhe
Shukr karva thi tamam umoor durast thai chhe


faqat jaban thi nahi, dil thi shukr karo
tamam a’za thi shukr karo

Mumineen ni Jammat - Shukr vazib che, farz chhe
ma’refat na sath hamd shukr kariye chhe
jehna haath par ne’mat mile che, shukr karvoo joiye
Ne’mat na appnaar to ma’bood che , ehnahaath par
miley chhe

Husain ne roi lejo
matam kari lejo
Shukr kari lejo

What I infer from this is that Aqa Moula (TUS) has sent out a very positive and strong message, to his followers around the world, to inculcate the noble virtue of shukr (gratitude) and to become aware of the innumerable Blessings of Allah.

If one is surrounded by plentitude, it is easy for him to offer hamd and shukr but in times of adversity to offer shukr (the doa mubarak of Imam Husain on the day of A’ashura is a sterling example, unparalleled, bringing tears as one recounts the tragic circumstances, when he supplicated before Allah recounting not the torments and treachery of the enemy, but the blessings of Allah) is a great lesson to be learnt. If I have inferred correctly, this is what Aqa Moula (TUS) requires his followers to do in the face of adversity.

Allah forbid but if under challenging circumstances, if one is faced with adversity on account of economic meltdown in business or at work place, or depriciation of assets, he will take up the challenges by fortitude and courage. For he will be counting his many blessings, the most important being that his Moula is there with him to guide him, to lead him on, his family is there to support him, his Iman is there to nourish him and sustain him.

If he inculcates the noble virtues of shukr and sabr, even if creature comforts are lost, if income takes a beating, he will not become depressed and sullen, for by doing shukr of the things he has, a whole new mindset and thought process, will be at his command to rejuvenate him.

My young friends, even if the economy plays truant, your ‘lifestyle’ may be compromised, but never your ‘livelihood’ Please understand the subtle difference between the two. Of late, I have been observing a phobia of the future, which is unwarranted.

Friends, inculcate the noble virtue of shukr in your daily life, and you will surely come out winners, come what may.

So this is the Message from Mombasa on New Year Day.

( Suggestion: You may copy paste the design gif and the doa mubarak of
Imam Husain (SA) and frame it, and keep it at your working desk, and each day of 2009 you will be reminded of the azeem shukr of your Moula Husain (SA) the New Year Message of your beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and face the challenges of 2009 with a very positive attitude )


Note: As I was unable to insert the gif with my article, I have posted it seperately.