Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FMB Barakat - Pol Sambol - a Sri Lankan dish that enlivens and relishes your meal

As a follow up to A'li Qdr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula's  recent Sri Lanka safar mubarak, Bhai Moiz Esufally of Colombo forwarded a link of Colombo Jamaat, and I inadvertently chanced upon the Thali Menu of FMB - Colombo and one Sri Lankan dish POL SAMBOL  caught my attention and resulted in the following idea, which I share with my readers.

Now that FMB is a world wide phenomena, it would be really nice and all inclusive if in our Thali menu includes dishes from all continents. In India each state has a particular local dishes which have great health and nutritious benefits. In this way mumineen families around the world will get to savor different food dishes and  indirectly help in better understanding, and bring each other more closer. 

The idea motivated me to immediately write a mail to Bhai Moiz Esufally and it was so nice and kind of him to send me immediately the recipe of this healthy Sri Lankan dish. I hope all those who are associated with FMB will give a thought to this concept of incorporating different nations / regional  dishes in the Thali Menu.    

POL SAMBOL is really very easy to prepare, it does not take more than 10 minutes and the ingredients are not elaborate, but it is really good in taste and has great health benefits. We prepared it at home and used the Food Processor to shred the coconut. We relished it with our menu of today - Egg curry - roti - daal and chawal. I discovered that adding Pol Sambol to dal chawal gave a good crunchy taste. From the Net I found out a lot about the health benefits of coconut. Here also I have a point to make. 

If one eats with awareness and knowledge, the health benefits will surely multiply. So this is very important. 

One cup of shredded coconut contains 2.68 gms protein, which helps in maintaining healthy tissues and muscles.
4.2 gms of dietary fiber, which reduces the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids by helping proper digestion and regular bowel movements. 

1.79 milligram of iron which is crucial for formation of hemoglobin. 

So if one is to partake food with awareness and knowledge of what the benefits are, for sure thoughts will generate more positive health in the body. Science has now conclusively proved that positive thoughts help in healing the body faster.

Shredded coconut contains 33 gms of fat, but recent scientific studies have stated that the fat has medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) which gives energy and strength to immune system. So in all, so moderate consumption of raw coconut, is very beneficial.    

1 fresh coconut
1/2 red onion finely diced
2 limes
1 tbsp of chili powder
Garlic / Tomato optional

Method: Add finely diced onion in to the shredded coconut in a bowl. Add chili powder and mix well, till you get a reddish color. Add the lime juice and diced tomato and Garlic and mix well.

There you have your crunchy and tangy Pol Sambol, as a side dish or to be eaten with roti.  Or try it out as I found out, by adding it to your dal chawal.

The Sri Lankans eat it with a little parripu and string hoppers.

Hope this post of mine, will encourage readers and all those associated directly with FMB to incorporate such dishes in the Thali Menu.

I was looking at the Colombo safar and Masjid Tasees photos, and a wrong click by me resulted in myself looking at the FMB Colombo Thali Menu. Every thing happens for a purpose, had it not been for a wrong click, this post  and this idea would have not materialized.

I am indebted to Bhai Moiz Esufali - Colombo.