Saturday, December 17, 2011


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This video will surely 'awaken' the fence sitters of our community, who are still mulling about the benefits of the 'Thali' initiative, and at the same time, motivate those who are putting their heart and soul into making it a powerful and health beneficial movement.

How I wish that in near future, some one like Jamie Oliver will show the world, on TED Talk platform, or any other world wide forum, the immense health benefits of the 'Thali' initiative of the Bohra Community.

'THALI' will surely bring about the tangible changes in the way, at present, the Bohra community eats food, and in future, how the world community will eat their food. The real statistics and persuasive talk by Jamie Oliver,is not only relevant to US and UK but the problem of obesity, rising Cancer and Heart related deaths have snowballed to epidemic proportions in India and other developed and third world countries, in all which we have a very sizable population.

Jamie Oliver : ' I believe that the power of food has prime place in our home, that binds us to the best of life'

THALI will surely bind our entire community.

In Kolkata the Barakat of Faizul Mawaid ul Burhaniya is reaching more and more mumineen homes under the kiyadat and guidance of Janab Musta'ali BS Mohiyuddin (DM) and Anjuman e Mohammedi. Sharing with you all the collages of the Thali Barakat in our city, sent by Bhai Abdulkader Kagalwala.