Monday, March 26, 2012


A very reflective and interesting Ted Talk video entitled ' Lets talk about Dying '

Quote:' Death is but a dropping of the flower, so that the fruit may swell' If the terminally ill have faith in this one quote, I think facing death head on will be more beneficial to the patient and family members. Dr. Saul in his wonderful talk has proved the point, that intensive medical therapy does not save life - it is not life saving' , it merely prolongs people's life, it delays death and re-directs death, in the end the quality of life, after undergoing all the physical suffering and mental agony and the financial cost, the inevitable happens.

So under the circumstances I feel it is better to inject some spiritual dose, in what ever form comfortable with the patient and his family to brace for the inevitable. Just 2 weeks back a 42 year old, diagnosed with advance cancer, having 3 small kids and the sole earning member of the family, found the courage and awareness in the words of a sage poet : ' If you really understand - death is the key to unlock life. In truth it is the womb that gives birth to everlasting life' Syedi Sadikali Saheb. Surat (India)

After 3 days of his discharge from the hospital, death came ( for him everlasting life ) at night, when he called his wife and died in her arms. His family members in the meantime, told him that his children and wife, will be taken care of, and I found that his last days were peaceful.

Another very moving and powerful Ted Talk video by a father who has seen the suffering of his terminally young daughter. A 'wake up' call for all those in power and authority, who are custodians of our life and who 'think' the decisions they make is for our general good. Is it so ? Do watch and reflect and share your views.