Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Alhamdolillah ! My write up on ASHARA OHBAT - Noha wa Aweel received a good response

which has motivated me to share further thoughts on Grief and Tears shed by mumineen during Muharram on the azeem musibat and bala' that befell on Imam Hussain ( S.A.).

 While trying to understand more fully on the nature of tears shed because of grief, I was amazed to find that Rose Lynn Fisher had carried out a scientific experiment, placing one hundred different samples of tears under microscope.

Every tear we shed carries with it a tiny bit of our human experience. Emotional tears contain protein based hormones that act as natural pain killers.

Herein below are two types of tears when put under a microscope. The dense is tear resulting from onion cutting,  and the other is tear of Grief.

  I have on purpose written about the scientific experiment on tears, in order to arouse your interest, and to better understand that tears are no ordinary, and they have a great depth and meaning. Tears shed on the musibat and bala' of Imam Hussain (S.A.) are the means of a mumin's emancipation and salvation.

Allah has blessed us and wired us with a divine nature - and this is FITRAH which is selfless and identified with our soul, and this divine nature in us stays even after death. Whereas TABIHA - the animal nature, that is essential for our survival, at death merges into the earth elements.

By Noha wa Aweel we are reinforcing our FITRAH and subduing our TABIHA.
 Aqa Muffadal Moula is giving Dawat to our FITRAH. The means is Noha wa Aweel. Hope this is understood properly.

Muharram is one such month, which brings it's own miracles. It makes us reflect, shed tears of grief on the tragic events of Karbala. The sufferings of Imam Hussain (S.A.) and ah'le bait tugs are souls and awakens and strengthens our FITRAH.

The tragic events of Karbala, poignant and vivid as ever, are alive these more than 1400 years and will remain so, till the day of Kayamah, not on account of learned discussions and philosophy of the tragedy of Karbala - but on account of your Noha wa Aweel mumineen !!

The zulm o sitam perpetuated by Yazeed  and his TABIHA driven henchmen has failed miserably to dampen the spirit and zeal of the true followers of Ah'le bait. Each passing year it is gathering more momentum. Just look back a few decades and realise and reflect yourself.

Muharram is the time for spiritual metamorphosis and Noha wa Aweel is the best means to bring about a faster transformation. An awakening to die before death and to visualise the eternal bliss of FITRAH induced spirituality, that brings us Nearness to ALLAH.

I end this post by quoting from the Dua Of Araf'at of Imam Hussain ( S.A.)

' My Lord what did he loose , who found YOU
And what did he find, who loosed YOU'

Please do reflect that this coming Muharram with our Noha wa Aweel, we mumineen are not going to loose anything, but are surely going to be blessed and find Nearness of ALLAH, the shafa'at of Imam Hussain (S.A.) and the khusi of our Moula Sayedna Muffadal Saifuddin  (TUS)