Sunday, July 19, 2009


This post is dedicated to Bhai Shabbir Poonawla, who commented on my earlier post and urged me 'to keep writing'. It is the Greek Philosopher Diogenes again friends.

When one surrenders on its own to the Supreme Power -to the Will of Allah in the larger context, to our Moula (TUS)in the micro context, his Spirituality, will achieve the ultimate flowering, because in this willing surrender is the ultimate salvation.

If someone forcibly turns you into a means and uses you, you are bound to loose your soul. However, your soul will be fulfilled, if you surrender on your own, and become an instrument in the hands of existence.

The Greek sage Diognes, was once captured by a group of petty traders to enslave him. The traders are baffled when Diognes himself voluteers to be handcuffed. As they take him to the slave market to be sold, he proudly walks ahead of all of them. There is not a trace of fear on his face, while his captors look like captives.

Diogenes mounts on the platform and proclaims : ' What are you looking for ? They are all my slaves, and although they are not in chains yet, they cannot run away from me. HERE IS A MASTER FOR SALE - whosoever can afford a master should bid for him'

There are many savants who on account of their wisdom and spirituality have lived a fearless life, because they have willingly surrendered themsleves to the Will of Allah. Our Fatemi history is enriched with many such incidents of true heroism, the one that readily comes to mind as I write is that of Syedna Kutbuddin Saheed (AQ)

He was chained and bound in the durbar of Auranzeb, but by his fearless utterance of Truth, he made all of them look like minions.

' Shere Khuda na sher woh garraya aa kadr..... ' Nashihat of Syedi Sadik Ali Saheb

It was the radiant Spirituality and surrender to the Will of Allah that enslaved Auranzeb, sitting on the throne, and although tied and bowed down in chains, Moulana Kutbuddin Saheed (RA) towered over every one. This is the power of Spirituality and Wisdom.

The sheer joy when individual consciousness merges with the Divine Consciousness, it is difficult to say wether the drop merged into the ocean or the ocean merged into the drop. When this happens, you begin to start seeing miracles. We are all so fortunate to be a witness to the living miracle - our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) who in spite of advancing age, health concerns arrived at 9.40 am to deliver Vaaz at Saifee Masjid in pouring rain on Urs day, and was amongst his beloved mumineen till 2.45 pm.

Friends try to inculcate Spirituality in your daily lives, and feel true ecstacy and joy, that the material world will never be able to offer. The sheer joy of crossing a busy road in pouring rain, with umbrella flying and being drenched, but being in time for the Magrib farz, the sujood of shukr followed thereafter for having 'made it'is just one example of daily working Spirituality. Reaching out to the needy fellow mumineen, in what ever way possible etc: there are numerous ways and means of enriching yourself by enriching the lives of others.

Become Spiritual to become Free.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


When Alexander was leaving for his world conquest, he went to see Diogenes, a great sage, who was lying on a sandy bank of the river and enjoying the morning sunshine.

He asked Alexander : Where are you going and for what ?
Alexander : I am going on a world conquest, I will conquer Asia Minor first.
Diogenes : And what will you do after conquering Asia Minor ?
Alexander : I will then go to conquer India
Diogenes : And what then ?
Alexander: I will have to conquer the whole world.
Diogenes : And what then ?
Alexander: Then I will rest and relax.

Hearing this Diogenes laughs out loudly, and addressing his dog who is sitting neare by says: "Listen to what this mad king is saying. The man says that he will rest after he conquers the world. Here we are resting right now, without conquering a single place. Alexander dear, if rest is your ultimate objective, why not join me and my dog right now on this beautiful river bank ? There is enough space here for all of us. I am already resting.Why are you bent on creating so much mayhem and blood shed around the world, just to rest at the end of it all ? You can rest right here and now"

Dear friends does it ring a bell. Who are we fooling but our own self. Just reflect on what you want to achieve in life. Reflect on the all pervading Spirit, which sleeps in the stone, dreams in the animal and wakes up finally in Man. Try to understand it, reflect upon and sure enough you will find joy, sustenance and ever lasting peace.

In order to achieve Spirituality, first comes NIYYAT - resolve, intention
Fllowed by : TAUBA - penitence
MUJAHDA- probation or striving
MUHAZARA - when you feel the light, which is still veiled
MUKASHAFA -the veil is lifted and your spirituality radiates
through and through
( have used sufi words of attainment to drive the point home)

while on the subject of Spirituality, let me recall the childhood game of spoon and lime race, very popular is school Sports Meet. The one who touched the tape first with lime firmly placed in the spoon won. In real life though we find that people are running blindly at times, focused on reaching first with the spoon firmly in their mouth,( all worldly materialistic possessions ) but wen they touch the tape, they find that in their blind dash, some where down the road, they have dropped the lime.

Friends those who touch the tape, even if they come second or third or tenth for that matter, but with their lime firmly in their spoon, are the winners of this life's race.

On the Day of Judgement everyone will be gathered together in HIS RADIANT PRESENCE, the rankings will melt, those with lime in their spoon will be considered, and those who ran blindly only with spoon firmly in their mouth and without the lime will for ever regret.

The lime constitutes VALAYAT of AQA MOULA (TUS) all noble deeds as enshrined in our Deen. Reaching out to your relatives and community members in need. I need not elaborate.

In your mad rush to touch the finishing line of life, and to come out winner, please be focused on 'the lime' that may have fallen down. Pick it up and you will be the ultimate winner.

Monday, July 13, 2009


22nd Rajab has a significance in our Fatemi tradition, as in many mumineen housholds, we make 'kheer puri' on this day and partake it by reciting salvat on Imam Jafar -us- Sadik (SA) As my wife is busy making 'kheer puri' I thought it most appropriate, to share with my friends some notes on Sprituality, as a befitting tribute to this day.

AQL - The human intellect is a microcosmic refelection of the Universal Intellect (Aql Kulli) When man attains proper use of his own intellect, he is able to move from the level of his own individual intellect to swim in the ocean of Universal (macrocosmic)intellect.

Through going inward (contemplation - taffakur ) he is conveyed outward to dizzying heights.

- From the Article by Irshad Husain.

The body is the brute touched to life. The true man is the other, going pure of the body, rationly endowed with virtues, which belong to the Intellectual Activity, the virtue whose seat is a Seperate Soul, the Soul which even in its dwelling here may be kept apart - THIS SOUL CONSTITUTES THE HUMAN BEING - .......

- From ENNEADS - Plotinus

SPRITUALITY is the way you find meaning,hope, comfort and inner peace in your life.
As the body, mind and spirit are connected, the health of any one of these elements, seems to affect the health and good being of the other.

Some meanings of Arabic words we generally hear in Vaaz and bayans.

'johad'comes from 'jhd' - primaary meaning is to strive or to exert oneself.

Ilm - knowledge

hikmaah - wisdom

taffakur - reflection

al- nafs al mutma'inna (the satisfied soul)

al- nafs al lawwama ( the self accusing soul)

al - nafs al ammara bi al su' ( the soul that enjoins evil) that which comes under the influence of Shiytan

tasawwur - conception

tasdiq - assent

al - burhan - proof