Sunday, September 1, 2013


In FATEMI PHILOSOPHY the best means of refining the soul, is to seek for an awakened and enlightened Guide, and to always strive for his guidance and fellowship.

It is related from Ibn Abbas, that while we were in the presence of Nabi (SA) when it was asked  ‘ Who is the best companion ? He replied : ‘ That person, who when you see him, you are reminded of ALLAH, when he speaks, your knowledge increases, when he acts, you start thinking of the Hereafter and Resurrection’

A variety of ways have been recommended, for reforming one’s moral and refining the Soul. Among the various methods, one is the Socratic method. According to this, man must reform himself, by way of his intellect and his own devising.

Socratic method entails that one must learn to gradually remove moral lacune,  with patience, perseverance, careful reckoning and applied thought, and thus slowly and steadily, purify the baser elements to pure gold in one’s nature. Philosophers try to achieve this by thought and reckoning.

But this method, though good in itself  , has many limitations and pitfalls. However, there is a much faster and better way in the Spiritual journey, and in FATEMI PHILOSOPHY  it is simply put - love and fellowship in place of following the way of intellect and reasoning.

One should seek out a perfect being and hang the halter of love for, and fellowship with him round one’s heart. This is much safer and swifter, than the way of intellect and reasoning.

A car is a good means of transport, but in comparison to airplane, its value is greatly diminished.  

A mumin is doubly blessed to have his MOULA to take him swiftly and surely on the Spiritual journey.

The effect of the intellect in reforming moral evils, is like the work of someone, who tries to separate, iron filings from dust by hand. How time consuming, excruciating, that would be.

A mumin holds a powerful magnate in hand, the devotion to his MOULA, his unflinching faith in him, and thus in a single sweep, and without much effort and brainstorming, he can at one go remove the iron fillings - the baser traits in his character , and become spiritually radiant and pure.

There are hundreds of such example to be found amongst us mumineen. The presence of MOULA his nazarat mubarak, his doa mubarak and lo and behold, a complete transformation.

Experience has shown, that companionship with the pure and enlightened , his fellowship, unbound love for him, and faith in him, has had a miraculous effect on one’s spirit, which could not be achieved if one were to read hundred of volumes of ethics.

‘ If there is desire for union, in your head O Hafiz
 you must become like a clay, in the craftsman's hand ‘

We mumineen should forever be thankful and offer Hamd to ALLAH that kablas sawal, HE has bestowed HIS azeem neamat, a roohani craftsman, by his shafakat, karam and ehsan is moulding our base clay to perfection.

On this urs night of Abdulkader Hakimuddin moula (RA) let us offer Hamd to Allah and beseech HIM to grant our Aqa Moula (TUS) and A’li Qdr Muffadal Moula (TUS) sehato a’fiyat ta kiyamat. Ameen. Let us also resolve to become supple clay, in their hands, and submit ourselves to be moulded as desired by our roohani craftsman.

Based on my reading of an article having the above title from

26 Shawwal 1434 H  Sunday 1st September 2013