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Saughat- e -a’ansoo leke aya hoon aza’ ki majlis me
yehi hadiyah- e- azadari hai meray MOULA ki pasand

( this is the extempore composition by my artist friend Bhai Noorudin Amarjee conveyed over phone, as I told him of Aqa Moula’s reception bayan mubarak, and my intention to write on the subject)

On hearing Aqa Moula’s bayan at the Mombasa airport (courtesy DB Net) I started reflecting on the bayan wherein Aqa Moula, at the very start, brought into focus, his aspirations and purpose, by stating ‘ su najwa arz karso – tamara a’ansoo na najwa ne lewa ayo chhu…..’ This address was not confined to the mumineen of Mombasa and all those who have been blessed to be with Aqa Moula (TUS) in the Burhani Masjid and its precincts, but mumineen worldwide.

So every mumineen in all earnest should, at first become aware of what Aqa Moula (TUS) is requiring of them during this Muharram, what will make him please and earn his satisfaction and blessings.

Once you become aware and focused, as to what is expected of you by your Moula this A’shara, whether you are blessed to sit at his feet in Mombasa, or you are sitting in a very small congregation in Modasa (Gujrat) it does not matter, unless you are able to weep profusely on the Martyerdom of Imam Husain (S.A.) on the burning plains of Karbala.

I agree it is easy said than done, no sermonizing here, one has to be practical.

First step is becoming aware of what is required of you, next your personal assessment of yourself. Human beings are all different, there are people who can shed tears easily, yet there are others who find it difficult to cry. I have observed many blessed mumineen, who at the mere sight of Aqa Moula tend to shed a lot of tears, others are equally emotional and moved, but tears do not come that easily, and there is a scientific explanation to it. ( to get my point straight, I will confide to you about my sister, who has grown up children of her own and stays in Pune. Now whenever, she comes to see me off at the station, I fail to understand, but as the train leaves the platform, she starts crying !!!)

It is for this reason, that Aqa Moula says, that ‘rovu na aavtu hoi, to Nazrul Mukam mano, mane yaad karo, maro chehro tamarni nazar samne rakho…’
So the first step is precisely do that.

Once you are focused, the next step is ‘m’arefat’ for whom, you are shedding your tears, and why are you shedding year after year. I will just state one of the many reason, as often said by Aqa Moula (TUS) ‘ mumineen tame mara Moula Imam Husain na matam ane rova matej paiyda thaya cho, tamara paiydais no maqsad Imam Husain par a’aho jari karvoo che’ ( Note: these are not the exact words, but the spirit of the bayan mubarak is conveyed)

Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Moula in his munajaat has beautifully articulated the sentiment of, forever remembering Husain (s.a.) in the following words:
WA AZKURU MOULAYAL HUSAINA DAA LANA, BE SAJDATEHE INDASH SHAHADATAY SAEELA (I always remember Moula Husain (s.a.) who during his shahadat remembered us in his Doa)

So it becomes obligatory and part of living faith for a mumin to shed a’asoo and do matam. During the bayan at the airport Aqa Moula recited the verse from Ya Sayedas Shohadaee - fizi aya nafse fizi ...

So once you become aware and focused, the next step is m’arefat and Muqaadas Moula Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) helps us in doing so, in the following verse :


(On the day of Ashaura before Shahadat, Husain (s.a.) performed the duty of Hujjat with enemies and asked. Don’t you know I am the son of that Nabi (s.a.) whom Quran has addressed as Tahaa and Suaad ? I am thirsty since last three days. I only ask of you just one sip of water. O Husain our grief upon you, O leader of the Shohada)

Believe me my young friends, when ever I recite the above verse, I am over whelmed by a surge of emotions, and tears flow as the entire scene of helplessness of an exalted Imam unfolds.

In an instant my mind recalls all those rightful people, who in order to uphold the truth, have suffered at the hands of tyrants. I recall Moulai Raj walking in the mohallas of Ahmedabad in ‘fakiri libas’ to save the souls from going astray, I recall Moulai Hasanfir, who because of his knowledge and piety, earned the enmity of the courtiers and was martyred. Spirituality suffered, knowledge was trampled by worldly and na├»ve people wielding position and power. It is important to connect your thoughts and feelings.

At times recalling your meanness, your turning away a needy mumin bhai, wrongful use of your power and position to hurt a fellow human etc: in short recalling your sins and wrong doings and repenting, as you do matam, releases emotions and a torrent of tears. Just try it out this Muharram.

One is bound to shed tears on reciting the following verse, as to what the enemy did.


(Enemies did not listen to his call, due to cruelty and enmity none of them gave water, but they killed him in the extreme of the thirst, one whose ahsaan covered the whole Universe. My unlimited sorrow and grief upon you, O leader of the Shohada.)


Thus, I have tried to share with you my reflections and thoughts on the subject, and Allah willing I hope many will surely benefit.

I have also been reading on the subject of crying and the experiments being carried out at St: Paul Ramsey Medical Centre in Minnesota.

Emotional tears are the response which only humans have, for only humans can weep. Ashley Montagu concluded that, weeping contributes not only to the health of the individual, but also to the group in a sense of community and that it tends to deepen involvement in the welfare of others.

Tears are secreted by our lachrymals – tiny sponge like glands, which rest above the eye against the eye socket. It physical benefit is that it lubricates the eyeballs and eyelids.

In experiments, it has been found that emotional tears after watching a sad movie, helped in the excretory process, which removes toxic substances that normally build up during emotional stress.

However, it was not the case with tears that flowed on account of cutting onions. Tears serve as an evolutionary survival function. Crying is therapeutic, tears help us heal and are valuable aid to restoring inner calmness and peace.

Book Refrence: William Frey :Crying –the Mystery of Tears
Gregg Levoy : Tears that Speak – Psychology Today
Ashley Montagu : The Evolution of Weeping- Science Digest

I have merely mentioned the above to make the readers aware of the importance that the scientific community is giving to the study.

However, we mumineen are not so mindful and concerned with the benefits that we receive at personal level, but are main concern and purpose is to earn the ‘khusi’ of our beloved Aqa Moula, and we know for sure what barakat and bounties we are to be blessed with in ‘akherat’ for shedding a’ansoo on Imam Husain (SA)

I conclude with the doa –

‘ baqi rahe Burhanuddin az-hurmat-e-a’ansoo’ Ameen.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008




PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS : La Martinere for Boys / St: Thomas School for Girls/DPS - Ruby Park/ Birla High School for Girls / Calcutta International School/ Future Hope /MSB

JUDGES from the famous Guild Hall School of Music - UK

MSB - KOLKATA wins the coveted 2nd Prize on the strenght of the beautiful rendering without any music accompaniment, as all other participating schools sang song composition, and were helped with music by their respective music teachers.

MSB - KOLKATA merely on the strenght of lyrics and rendering by the talented students, managed to get the 2nd Prize.


Monday, December 15, 2008


Doing something different this time. After many serious posts on the Economic Downturn, Mumbai Terrorist Attack, Spirituality etc: I decided to write on something more sentimental. mushy but at the same time refreshing and useful, for those in love, (lucky ones indeed !)

those in the process of wooing their love (best of luck to all those beautiful guys and girls - what an experience you all must be having, exiting eh !! )

and last not least people like me, on the wrong side of fifty, trying their level best to keep the love embers from dying down.

Lyrics of songs at times provide the required spark, and here I am sharing a few. Courtesy WSR - Up country, my favourite channel. I term it songs with substance. Refreshing both to the mind and heart.

' you say it better, when you say nothing at all,

the touch of your hand, says you'll catch me when I fall

the smile on your face says that you need me,

there is truth in your eyes, saying you'll never leave me'

Your love is a miracle

It is spiritual

I'm just here in time.

Your love is a miracle

It is visible

even to a heart, that is blind like mine

live life, like a Sunday stroll

two hearts, one dream, makes a day in Paradise

this world was not meant for people, as beautiful, like you

It is not what you take with you, when you go

It is what you leave behind, when you are gone

I am a man of my convictions, call me wrong, call me right

shine on me, shine on me

shine your sweet love on me

but she don't shine for the rest of the world

she's busy shining on me !! (see the advantage of wearing ridas ladies !!)
To all my young Friends in zest !
When your aunty (my wife of 30 years and more) decided to walk off on me, on account of my obsession of writing blogs and trying to mould young and old minds alike, and my entire family including my son, daughter and their family were fully backing her, I did not panic, I knew I will win her over.
It just needed a beautiful lyric and an idea. I presented here with a frame depicting true sentiments, and she was won over. Hope you enjoyed reading a 'hatke' type of blog this time. But I will be back with serious concerns and issues soon. Till than, enjoy this Sunday stroll.

Friday, December 12, 2008


AL QURAN SAYS: ' kulu-washrubu wa la tasrefu. Innahu la yoohibul musrefeen'
(eat and drink but do not waste. Allah loveth not the prodigal)

That is because the underlying cause of the great global credit crunch is the ingrained societal behaviour of the US and many other economies over the past two decades: instant gratification of "needs" without reference to the ability to earn the satisfaction of doing so. This did away with the economic virtue of thrift and encouraged excessive consumption. Excessive consumption resulted in global imbalances such as the US current account deficit. US and many other economies over the past two decades.
Quote by : David Roche, President and Global Strategist at Independent Strategy, London.

Hadees e Rasul e Karim (SA) 'majhul' is haram. Vepar (business) is halal and also full of blessings. 'Majhul' on the other hand is prohibited strictly, as it is speculation. Eg: I sell my date crop, receive the consideration of the sale, much before the date palms are to yield the crop. This is speculation.
Syedi Sadikali Saheb has so aptly conveyed, and now the truth is hitting right on the faces of all those, who have indulged in speculative businesses in any form.
'zahir ma halavat che, pan zehr che khufiyah ma'
An interesting read from Intent Blog comment on the article entitled 'Thrift'
How does the stock exchange work:
One day a man appeared in a village. He declared to want to buy acorns and he wanted to pay one Euro a piece for them. Because there were a lot of acorn trees in the village, villagers quickly began to gather acorns. A week later the man bought thousands of acorns for one Euro a piece.
The man declared that he would be back a week later and would pay two ‘Euri’ for one acorn.
And again villagers started to gather acorns, although there were a lot less left now.
A week later the man appeared, paid two ‘Euri’ per piece and declared he would be back again one week later and would pay five ‘Euri’ per acorn.
The stock of acorns was almost gone and the villagers did their utmost to yet find as many acorns as they could. And they still found some. The man appeared exactly on time, one week later, paid five ‘Euri’ per acorn and declared to come back a week later again and then would pay twenty ‘Euri’ per acorn.
However, the villagers could not find a single acorn anymore.
Then, a day later a second man appeared with a big bag with acorns on his back. The villagers asked whether they could buy the acorns from the man, but the man asked 15 ‘Euri’ for one acorn.
The villagers gathered all the money they could find. They put all the savings they had together and bought the big bag with acorns.
However, one week later the man did not appear. The villagers never saw the man again.They lost all their money and the only thing they had left was a large amount of acorns.
And in this way, ladies and gentlemen, the stock exchange works…...
Posted by heartphone on December 11, 2008 11:05 AM
If you are interested to read the full blog entry log on to :

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Qazi Dr. Sheikh Abbas Borhany is an erudite scholar of Islam and his in depth articles are published regularly. Recently I read his article in Malummat with regard to the esoteric science of Jafr al Jameye (Muslim Numerology and prediction of the future events)
Coincidentally I was going to write a post on the subject of truthful prediction of future events in Quran. I came across a very interesting historical fact, which I will like to share with you in the post.

Surat Al Rum (The Romans) Surah 30 Ayats 1-7 deals with a historic event which occurred precisely as narrated in The Quran.
'Alif-Lam- Mim
The Byzantines (Romans) have been defeated in the land nearby ( Syria-Iraq-Jordan and Palestine)

However, they shall win in a few years.
To Allah belongs the command before and after.
Then will the believers rejoice at the victory, which Allah has sent.

With the help of Allah. He helps whom He wills, and He is the all Mighty, the Most Merciful.
(It is) a Promise of Allah (ie: Allah will give victory to the Romans against the Persians) and Allah fails not in His Promise, but most of men know not. (Ayats 1-7)

My purpose is to share with my readers, particularly my young friends, the historical facts and an interesting story behind it.
In the Year 614 AD Chosroes sent an army to crush the Romans (Christans - People of the Book)
under his General named Shahbaraz.

The armies met in Adhri'at and Busra and the Persians (fire worshippers) inflicted heavy defeat. This event created much heat and storm amongst both the Muslims and idolaters in Makkah. The idolaters rejoiced at the defeat of the Christians, and poked fun at the Muslims.
Although the event did not concern the fate of the Arabs, it generated a lot of arguments amongst the Muslim and idolaters.
One of the asha'ab entered into a wager with an idolater of 10 camels stating that the Romans will win within a year. Muhammad (SA) told the asha'ab to revise the wager to 100 camels and extend the time to nine years.

In the Year 625 AD (nine years from defeat) Heraclius (the Roman Emperor) was victorious. He defeated the Persians and also recovered the Cross Of Isa Nabi (SA)
As predicted and on account of the esoteric knowledge possessed by Muhammad (SA) the prediction to the exact time of the victory over the Persians, came true.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have chosen the cud chewing camel, as my BRAND for this post. A BBC news report showed the world map and the countries fast slipping into recession, right from Japan across Europe to United States, red areas sweeping the world.

They showed red on the world map, and something twitched in my brain, and I visualized barren desert, that is economic wilderness sweeping the world.

Although India is not slipping into recession, as of now, the repercussions are being felt. We cannot like an Ostrich keep our head buried in the sand, and wish nothing will effect us. Grim economic facts are hitting at us each day. For ordinary businessman like us, it is very hard to digest, as to what has happened , all so sudden.

Just a few months ago, order books were full, rate of return was marginally good, stocks were giving good profit. Expansion and diversification was on agenda, and now every thing seems topsy turvy, for no apparent lapse on our part.

The rich economically vibrant Savannah lands populated by highly qualified and high salaried MBA and Financial Whiz Kids, is slowly turning into economic wilderness, and all their expertise and high sounding theories and strategies are unable to stem the tide.

WHY ? The Corporate world is populated with the World's best brains, we are always in awe of them. They have mastered the Theories of Relativism, utilitarianism, universalism, have given and attended lectures on Corporate Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility.

They have talked and discussed at lenght on COSCO (Control Smart Approach) The Sarbanes- Oxly Act 2005 was there to regulate Executive Conduct Rules and Financial Accounting Rules in the US.

What happened, more important why it had to happen ? The Blue Chips across all sectors of business and industries, became red herrings, within a matter of months.

Were the lessons learnt at premier Business Institutes were to blame for this debacle ? MBA's had spent years in getting acquainted with Marketing Analysis, Organizational Behavior, Economics, Finance, Quantitative analysis, Strategy Planning etc:

Synergy/ Ansoff Matrix/ Beta/ The Efficient Frontier/FRITO/SWOT Analysis/ Segmentation Variables /Goal congruence/APCFB Model had been discussed, and expertise acquired for implementation.

Acquiring the nuisance of Keynesian Theory - Monetarist Theory helped in getting hefty pay packages.

Why then the same people who are at the helm of the affairs of the Corporate world, failing to check the economic tsunami ?

After reading all this, you must be wondering what I am aiming at, what I am trying to convey.

I am giving the business world badly bruised and at their wits end - a new technique in Management Science that is - RUMINATING and I appeal to all those best brains being 'benched' and are in fear to getting the dreaded 'pink slip' to get cracking, as you are the ones who can come up with something extraordinary, that will save your organisation and your job.

It is high time to bring back into focus, to think over and over again, like 'ruminants' (camels, cows etc:) who bring back the undigested food back to their mouth from their stomach - the first part of the total four compartments, which is called 'rumen') By so doing the food is digested fully.

Now is the time to think over again as to all that has been learnt, and where did we go wrong.

All the theories and strategies, and business models are inherently good, but what went wrong.

Now if we start RUMINATING in earnest, we will come to know, that what has be learnt at the Business Schools and else where is not to be faulted, but a few unscrupulous amongst the corporate world, managed to acquire power, greed made them totally blind, and things got out of control.

As this concept of RUMINATING is in a very nascent stage, and I am not an expert, I appeal to those, who may have cared to read this post, and may be interested with this new idea, to help in carrying this concept at the next level, by your comments, feed back and suggestions.

I have been RUMINATING on the recent developments, and the first fully digested thoughts, I take the liberty to share with my readers.

There is no fault with the Business Theories and studies, the fault is in the total moral deprivation, of the few who have managed to reach the top. As one sage has said -' By the light of the candle, one reads Scriptures and another morally deprived, forges a document. The purpose of the candle is to shed the light'

So moral deprivation has to be addressed first and foremost, and this can be achieved through Spirituality. Special courses in spirituality and social responsibilities, should be undertaken. Future business Managers may be made to live and interact with underprivileged people, for at least 3 months, so that they can fully imbibe, understand and learn how these people eke out a living, and live a life of contentment and happiness, in spite of limited resources. How they overcome deprivation and challenges of life.

I take the liberty to quote Dame Anita Rodrick, the Founder of Body Shop.

' Since leading Management Consultants, help take the movement mainstream, the core values, that shape ethical business practices have become compromised. The power that big business wields over governments, has resulted in both the governments and businesses, becoming far too obsessed with profit and economic growth' (quote ends)

Ethics, moral values and social responsibilities have taken a beating. Some Corporate cultures are so engrossed with amassing wealth, building up assets, etc: that the analogy of male Crustacean (spider) given by Jacquess Loeb, who cut off his abdomen, while it was copulating, but the gallant continued undisturbed, as apparently all its sensory capacities were absorbed in another direction.

Poiret tells a case in which the female bit off the head of a male mantis, as soon as it appeared, but the decapitated gallant, went through with his reproductive functions, as if nothing had happened, and the head was of no use in love. (Book Ref: The Pleasures of Philosophy - Will Durant)

I request the readers to ruminate on the above analogy, and reflect on the conditions of the present economic meltdown, the corporate culture that has evolved through these past years, and once the thoughts are properly digested, one will surely find a way to make a 'turnaround' for the better.
A case in point, is the dressing down recently received by the titans of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, by the Congressmen at Washington DC , when they flew from Detroit each in their own private jets.

Congressman Gary L Ackerman had no qualms in telling the pampered executives who still seemed to out of sync with the grave realities that ' There is a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying into Washington DC, and people coming off them with tin cups in their hands'

The trio listened in stoic silence as, whether they regretted their decision, we do not know.
Chrystler's Robert Nardelli, showed sagacity and wisdom by accepting a $1 remuneration, under these troubled times. However, Richard Wagoner of General Motors and Alan Mullally, missed an opportunity of a lifetime, by not committing themselves.

Had they done so, they would have lead by example and may be all the top ranking Directors and senior level executives, would have agreed to sacrifice, if not all, some part of their exhorbitant yearly remunerations. This in turn would have sent positive vibes to all rank of employees, who are dreading retrenchments.

Being the first post in this segment, it is in a nascent stage, and I know there are very bright, intelligent and qualified people, out there, who can do brainstorming and come out with winning solutions, so that this Corporate caravan can safely without much loss, overcome this wilderness.

Friday, November 14, 2008


From a recent interview given by Dr. Deepak Chopra on the ' Early Morning Show' I managed to gather a few nuggets, which I would like to share with you, in this very troubling times.
According to Dr. Chopra out of a total 2.9 trillion dollars in daily circulation around the world, only 2% is used for providing actual goods and services for maintaining life, the remaining 98% is speculation, money circulating in the Casino. He has differentiated money and wealth. According to him, money is that which you have not earned, (money breeding money , I think that is what he means to imply) money is that with which you buy things, which you do not really need, to impress people whom you really do not like.

Wealth according to him in the real sense is ..
1. Wealth is progressive realization of worthy goals.
2. Wealth is the ability to love and have compassion
3. Wealth is to have good health
4. Wealth is to have meaningful caring relationship.
5. Wealth is to get in touch with the creative power that very much resides inside you, which is also the creative power of the Universe.
I hope I have heard him correctly, you may log on to
(copy paste on your browser please)
and if there is some error in my post, do point it out to me, I will be obliged.

So the big investing Bankers have created 'money' and have gone bust, now the 'awakened' will have to create 'wealth'.
I think this is the silver lining in the dark looming clouds.

The world leaders have converged for the Economic Summit to start today. Our Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is also attending. It has been termed as Brenton Woods II.
Hope the world leaders manage to put into real practice, effective checks and regulations for the financial markets, so that in future the woods ( our beautiful world) is not infested with 'wolves' of greed, in the garb of financial institutions, promising Al Dorado to gullible people.

Please take care to ask a hardworking Professional, who has just received a 'pink slip' for no fault of his. Have emphaty was all those, who are trying to make an honest living but there is a residing fear in them of their future.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Metamorphosis of Page 3 reader

I am a Page 3 reader, as Politics does not interest me, nor does Sports or Business news for that matter. It may be because of my 'chota dimag' I am not so sure. However, the current economic meltdown, has caught my fancy, I do not know why. May be something good will surely emerge, is what I feel.

I generally flip through The Telegraph, but today some thing drove me to buy The Economic Times. We the developing nations have always looked upon USA, and first and for most we report all that is happening there, for we know it is bound to have a great bearing on our developing nation's economy.

As such, all the headlines that grabbed attention dealt with the happening in the US Market. These are just a few of them, in a nut shell.

2,40,000 job cuts in US during the month of Oct: '08., a record in 14 years. The real cause of worry is that not only the Banking and financial sectors, but downsizing is spreading across all sectors.

Ford drains out $ 7.7 billion as sales falls. GM burns $ 2.5 billions in Q3 seeks bailout.

Retail sales worst in 30 years. Really alarming when the US economy is powered with consumerism

In India the Forex reserves dip by $5.5 billion as FII's stay in sell mode. Foreign exchange kitty has shrunk by $ 57 billion so far, this fiscal.

The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry said some 7,00,000 people have lost their jobs, this year and 5,00,000 more were likely to go in the next 2 to 3 months.

Demand meltdown dissolves 150 small sponge iron units in Eastern India, nearly 50% . Many more are on the verge of closing down.

Airline Industry is the worst hit, employment rate is expected to shrink 40 -50% year on year. 150 Commercial pilots who have trained, shelling out Rs: 20-25 lacs are not getting the jobs.

To lighten the burden a little, here is a flip side to the economic meltdown. Just got a mail from Benny Hinn ministry and they are offering Debt Cancellation Stickers, and will be offering special pray from freedom form debt. I simply chuckled when I got the mail, and I reserve my comments. I wish it is that simple.!!!

It is very important to understand the genesis of the crisis. It is on account of the economic mismanagement at the individual level.

According to US census data, per capita disposable personal income (net of taxes) was $30,418 in 2005 but average annual expenditure rose to $46,409 in the same year. This means, people in the US borrowed more than, what they earned to foot their consumption bills.

From companies to investment banks, all drew up big expenditure plans on borrowed funds. In October 2004, the US securities market regulator suspended the restriction of net capital requirement to borrowed capital for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley.

Freed from restriction on debt, these five investment bankers borrowed as much as 40 times of their net owned capital !!!!!!!!!!! (input from article in the Telegraph by Srikumar Bondyopadhyay)

So now Allah forbid, but if you happen to get a pink slip, you know whom to blame. The GREED of the five top Investment Bankers and US securities market regulator. The financial misadventures of a few vested interests have brought miseries to thousands of hard working Professionals. I sincerely hope and pray that there is not one from our community who looses his job any where around the world.

We do not need Debt Cancellation Stickers, what we need is the Doa Mubarak of our Aqa Moula (TUS) and his doa mubarak will surely be answered in us, if we follow the tenets of our Deen and have firm faith in his doctrines of earning livelihood with rightful means.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Contact: Manager - Bhai Ali Neemuchwala M - 00971504961127

This post is in gratitude to Bhai Ali Neemuchwala, who had arranged for us at short notice, a very memorable and exiting tour of the sand dunes, located on the Hatta - Oman Highway.

The SUV picked us up from Sharjah at around 3 in the afternoon, and within 2 hrs we reached the dunes, in anticipation and excitement.

A convoy of 10-12 SUV's assembled at the base of the dunes, and slowly with deflated tyres, we started to make the climb. The drivers know their job well, are fully trained, so in order to get us into the groove, the initial climb was at a slow pace.

Within minutes we reached some height, and then the real fun began. As the highway receded and we were sucked into the dunes, the car picked up speed, the sand like rising wave flustered the windscreen, and at the top bend of the dune, I found my driver at 45 degree angle below me, and within minutes as the car hurl ted downward, on a steep incline, I found myself down at somewhat same angle, looking up to my driver, in awe and excitement.

The flip flop continued from one dune to another at faster pace, and within half hour we were surfing the sand and enjoying the experience. As the sun mellowed, it was a heavenly experience, to see it coming down fast on the desert sands. The convoy slowed down and for about 30 minutes, we slowly moved on towards the setting sun, and finally arrived at the camp gate.

It is interesting to note, that the sand dunes are Sharjah territory and the Camp is situated in the Dubai territory.
As the dunes were completely enveloped in darkness, we arrived at the Camp site, it looked like a lighted up oasis. The camp site gives one a complete Arab Experience, with good food to be had in real desert atmosphere.

Bhai Ali was keen that we also experience the unique Dubai Creek outing, but unfortunately we had commitments. So Dubai Creek and Wild Wadi has to wait, till our next trip Insa Allah. November to March is the ideal time to visit the Gulf, as the climate good.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


In this very troubled and taxing times, I have managed to keep my promise, made in the earlier post, of making readers, aware of Lehman Brothers. My earlier post had tried to expose the underbelly of our community, although I had been very cautious, but still I seem to have offended many, hurt their feelings, for which I am real sorry. (one recognized mailing list, returned back by post, stating ‘in appropriate content’ and I got the hint)

But there are no regrets ,as far as that I have been able to convey the truth, and pray who would have heard me, if not for the economic meltdown.

Had it not been for Lehman Brothers, who in the community would have heard me, if I had suggested on obtaining very tangible barakat products, that would have benefited mumineen in both Deen and Duniya. The products obtained by investing in the general community good and in its people, who are in need of financial support to live a better life, to succeed in their trade callings.

The ‘Upliftment Product’ of investing surplus funds in the education of mumineen students, who would like to pursue higher education, who have obtained admission on merit in good colleges, but lack of funds, are forcing them to back out, and seek employment in firms offering meager pay. A case in point is the life of thousands of our mumineen eking out an existence in the Gulf.

I have interacted with many, know their talents and aspirations, but there are unable to realize their dreams, because of a particular mindset. I know of a very big Industrialist, saying to his mumin employee in the Gulf ‘ Saleh, tane je salary aapu chu, etla ma 2 mallu rakhi saku -samjo !!!

The tangible returns on the Upliftment Produtcs is ‘sawab’ and I need not stress the fact, that if your are true believing mumineen, you will disagree with me, on this point. The smile and joy you bring on the face of the child, whose education, you agree to sponsor, the emotions of ‘shukr’ readily seen on the haggard face, who you have just helped, by giving medical aid, the housing colony, you manage to construct and provide to those, who are living in squalor and dirty neighborhood, and manage to get back your investments, in not 1 year, as they will surely default, but in ten years period. Please do try out this long haul 10 year product, and you will never fail.

The tangible benefit will be, that you will have helped in changing the ‘life style’ of many, and Allah Willing and with doa mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) with the change in ‘life style 'and better living conditions, the subdued talents of those, whom you have helped, may flower and they may be able to pay off their KH much faster.

I am not talking ‘out of the hat’ I have real examples to prove my point.

Pray why have I coined this word – Upliftment Products, the reason is simple. Many have invested in dubious financial products, and are silently regretting. I really pity them. But now when I talk of an Upliftment Product, they will readily understand, and as for the returns accrued also, they will be willing to listen. The recent News Report from Singapore 29th Oct: is a case in point.

‘ About 10,000 retail investors in Singapore bought more than 500 million Singapore dollars (333 million US Dollars) of the products linked to Lehman, with about 1400 of them pumping 103 million Singapore dollars in the DBS HIGH NOTES FIVE.

The redemption value of the Notes due to mature on Nov: 08 is ZERO.

This is just one financial product, there are many like this biting the dust. Products that people were lured to buy. Had it not been for Lehman Brothers and its undoing, no one, I am sure would have even the time, to read my post and about our community centric ‘Upliftment Products’

It is precisely to thank my friend Richard Fuld CEO - Lehman Brothers,. that I sought an appointment with him, which he readily accepted, under the changed circumstances. Over cups of frappuccino at Starbucks New York outlet, I first regretted that he had been punched in the face by an angry American, who lost all his retirement benefits. He chuckled and confided in me, that was nothing compared to the estimated $ 450 million in compensation, that he was taking home !!!

The reasons behind this economic meltdown are many, if you are interested in the subject, reams and reams of print and electronic material is available. Srikumar Bondhyopadhya has written an insight providing article in The Telegraph – Calcutta 27 Oct: 2008., as to the reasons behind this meltdown.

I will not go into the details, as I have managed to make my point. GREED is the tectonic force, which had been building up, in the faults of the apparently sound appearing economic edifice.

As one mumimeen bhai rightly commented on my earlier post, it is a matter of time, before the Sensex shoots upward, the real estate market overcomes the jitters, and every one will be back to making money.

So thank you Lehman Brothers for giving me a window of opportunity to convey the tenets of my faith and Deen to my community members, in the language, which they readily understand.

If any good comes out of it, and I am confident it will, I offer it as a hadiyah to my beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) and if there is any error of judgment on my part, or I have hurt the feelings , or have failed to convey my thoughts correctly, the entire onus is on me.

If you are convinced by this post that the UPLIFTMENT PRODUCT that I have managed to bring into focus, has intrinsic and long term benefits, do start investing in it please.

Friday, October 24, 2008


THANK YOU Lehman Brothers for starting the PARTY. As this blog is community centric, I will be writing only from our perspective. We are a trading community, so every one is well aware of the implication of the recent economic meltdown.

But you will be wondering why I am going out of my way, thanking Lehman Brothers Be ready, I am in the best Party mood now, so you are bound to notice, a little change in my style of writing this post.

AQA MOULA (TUS) had been telling all along, particularly with great emphasis after Al-Multaqul- Fatemi-ul- Ilmi 1398H (1977-78). I will not go into the details. Every one is well aware of, and his keynote address is on record. Syedi Sadik Ali sahib had said it long back, in his most inimitable style, in nashihat after nashihat. But pray who was listening.

Foreclosure, insider trading, forward trading, leverage, mortgages, investments parked in different weird financial products, that few really understood, were ruling the minds of, sorry to say, many of our own community members, many, sorry to say who were regarded as Intellectuals, purely on the basis of the assets they possessed. They strutted around on community platforms and forums. The Fatemi attire was all in place, the platitudes, outward pretence, was all in place, but inside something real was missing.

It is Lehman Brothers who have proved Aqa Moula (TUS) right by going bust, and starting a tsunami all around the world, leading to carnage, blood bath, rising and falling like gigantic Mexican wave, that has rumbled through the global markets, ripping pockets and reputation.

Here in this post I am only concerned with the reputation and ripping of the pockets of our community members. If any one cares to read my blog profile, they will come to know that ‘social work’ is my passion. I do not myself know why, and although I get a lot of ‘stick’ at times, I continue to indulge in my passion.

Now when many of our own brethrens, termed paper wealth parvenus (as put in by The Telegraph Friday 24th) are at the risk of turning into paupers, how can I remain immune. All these years, it has been my lot to reach out to all those, who somehow came to me for medical aid, educational aid etc: and although I have failed many a times, I have tried to assuage a few, by seeking financial help from donors.

So my immediate concern when the economic meltdown story made the headlines, was towards our brethren. I am a real dud when it comes to understanding economy, and matters of finance. However, the plight is such, that I have skipped work today, just in order to find out, if I can be of any help to my fellow mumineen.

I am so very pained to see their sullen faces, and I want to reach out to them, in this time of their need. So in order to understand the reason I simply googled ‘the main reason for the economic meltdown,’ and thousands of links popped up on my browser. As I told you earlier, I am real dud, when it comes to matters of finance, I was simply overwhelmed by the statistic and data, but it was my passion to reach out to fellow mumineen, who are in ‘real soup’ mumineen, who are with each passing day seeing their investments dwindle, mumineen who cannot fathom what is happening, why it is happening, so I tried my level best to understand the root of the problem.

After spending nearly six long hours at the computer, skipping lunch, and being reprimanded by my wife, for being good for nothing, pursuing matters, which least concerns us, I finally found the answer. If you are diseased and once you come to know the cause of your illness, chances of your recovery will be fast. So first the prime cause, has to be ascertained. After much effort and pain I have found out the real cause of this economic meltdown. It is my dear friends


Are you surprised at this simple answer, arrived after so much research. Believe me, this is the truth friends, and remember, truth is always simple, falsehood is more complex ( read the earlier paragraph starting ‘ foreclosure, insider trading etcJ

Hope I have made my point clear. What I have found out after so much painstaking effort, had already been around for so many years. Rasulallah (S.A.) Moulana Ali (SA) Imams (SA) Doat Mutlaqeen (RA) and our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) has been saying it all along.

But it needed a Jewish family controlled firm LEHMAN BROTHERS to emphatically bring in the truth to our believing mumineen, by going bust.

Hope I have made my point clear. More about Lehhman Brothers in future post. I would like to get views and opinions on my post, and any one brave enough to write, how the meltdown has effected his holdings. They need not disclose their name, only an admission from them will suffice.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


( At Khaif ul Nayeem - Hutaib Mubarak, making best of the barakat received by reading from the Ashara Vaaz Mubarak - 1429H)

(Climbing Zimarmar and getting the sharaf of azan at the masjid)

Years of longing and prayers culminated to fruition when Air Jazeera touched down at S'ana airport, late in the afternoon on 3rd Oct: 2008. After a comfortable night stay at rubaat, our group was told that early morning we will be taking the exiting and difficult trek to Mount Zimarmar.

Although I was armed with a walking stick, climbing mount Zimarmar was out of question for me, on account of my medical disability. I had been running fever the previous night, so although I had secretly wished that I would undertake the trek, I was also not sure how the day will unfold.

After some theatrical scenes , of arguments, hand gesticulations. holding up the Quran and pulling out the dagger, which only the local Yemini are at good at, as our group watched in awe and fear, of our having to return back from the foot of the mountain, where some local leader was telling us to return back, our driver -Hasan Al-gairi came running to our SUV exclaiming 'khalas ! Khalas!' For a moment we thought, that's the end, we will have to return back. But 'khalas' signified that the deal has been struck, and we proceeded.

After a few minutes ride, we came out of the SUV and the climb began. Before I proceed further, herein below is my medical report, which would be of interest to Medical Professionals. As for my MRI report, I distinctly recall the words of the physio therapist, who after examining had commented, that I should not bend forward, should not walk much, and utmost care should be taken, or else I will be completely bed ridden.

‘The findings are suggestive of sacralisation of L5 with degenerative changes in lumbar spine. Postero lateral disc herniation at L1, L2 to L4, L-5 are compressing the thecal sac, cauda equine nerve roots and both neural foramina with encroachment on both exiting L4 nerve roots. There is secondary central canal stenosis at these levels, particularly at L-2 L3 & L4 levels. Spinal canal at L5- S1 is narrowed due to sacralisation. ‘
Dr. S.K. Sharma MD

If that is not enough I am also afflicted with arthritic in both knees, and many have suggested the most currently ‘in thing’ knee joint replacement surgery.

I am thinking of forwarding my Zimarmar mountain climb video clip to Dr. S.K. Sharma, and await his comments. An orthopedic surgeon at Apollo had told me, a year back, that if I do not go for immediate open spine surgery, I will be in real trouble, as my condition is degenerative, and with passing time, I will not be able to walk, as the nerves will slowly die.

As I slowly made my way up, the fresh mountain breeze may have steeled my resolve, not to give up, give it a try, for at the top I will be blessed with the ziyarat of three Doat Mutlaqeen, and be able to say my Zohar namaz in the Masjid. I surprised my own self, by climbing the mountain, being steady at the steep bends, and keeping with the group.

As I climbed higher, confidence grew, and at times I wondered, how is this possible ? I am blessed to have a son -in-law, who is a MD-FRCP and it bemused me to think, that I was not adhering to his medical advice. As I climbed up and up, the trek became more and more perilous, and my family were also amazed. All those who know me, are well aware, how difficult it is for me to walk, a pronounced limp is there, and much effort is needed on part. As my walk and the difficulty is apparent to any one who sees me, I receive countless advice from well wishers, and at times from unknown passerby also. It ranges from open spine surgery, yoga, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, homeopathy, you name it.

After the MRI was done, I had made arz in Hazrat Aliyah Imamiyah seeking advice to go for open spine surgery, and was blessed with a reply that I will get 'shifa' which implied that I should not go for surgery.

Finally after an exhilarating climb I finally managed to reach the Masjid and was greeted by the group on my feat, and received the honor of giving azan for zohar namaz.

What is the point in sharing about my experience and my exploits. Is it self promotion ? Am I seeking self praise or accolades ? At this age I need none of all these. What it is than ? Why am I writing this post ?

The reason for writing this post is based on the firm foundation of 'shukr'.

As I slowly made my way to the top of mount Zimarar, I became aware of my medical condition, and introspected on what has made this climb possible in spite of my disability and the frightening medical reports. With each step leading towards the summit, I remembered all the terminally ill mumineen cases, that I had come across, their fight to overcome the pain, the vortex of clinical trials and tests, repeated dialysis, chemos, aggressive medical treatments, days and months on end on life support systems, the medical vortex that completely drained the financial resources and the spirits of the family, whose member was unfortunately inflicted with the disease.

Families who were barely able to support their livelihood, being made to run from pillar to post, to arrange for rising financial bills, knowing fully well the end result. I had expressed my concerns in my previous post on the subject. The need for the community to come forward and help those, who need no more than the best of Nursing facilities, hospices that will provide comfort and relieve pain. Hospices established near the ziyarat centres like Burhanpur, Mandvi, Hasanfir etc: where those 'lailaz' patients get the best of 'ilaz' of clean enviorment, best medical attention (not aggressive medical therapies ) human love and understanding and care.

Youngsters can do volunteer khidmat, while staying at the roza mubarak. The possibilities are endless. There is a need for joint effort.

Hope my post will evoke a positive responce from, experts in the field of medical practice, who are interacting with a number of such cases.

Now that I have put into public domain my medical disability and my feat of climbing Mount Zimarmar, I seek answers from you, as to what made it possible. For I am sure, in the answers you will provide,. will be found the solution to the treatment of coping with permanent disability, and life threatening diseases

There are many things in life, which we cannot merely 'wish away' but at least we can learn how to cope with it, and Allah Willing, with the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) with right guidance and advice, we can also succeed in overcoming it.

I hope my post will evoke a positive response, and on a personal note, if this idea and dream of mine, is carried to the next level, my climbing of Zimarmar will have served the purpose.

Hope and pray that something positive evolves from my climb of Mount Zimarmar.

Khaif ul Nayeem - all alone in contemplation, when the group had left. This is the real beauty of Yemen. You feel so small, surrounded by mountains. Solitutude and peace surrounds you. You get an opportunity to go back in time, and feel how it would have been when Syedna Hatim Moula (RA) would be imparting 'sabak' to the fortunate few assembled in the shade of the cool enviorns of the 'khaif', surrounded by mountains, on all sides.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Generally we all try to equate ‘barakat’ with material gains and prosperity. Talk to any one and you are likely to receive set answers like - I made a windfall income, my business turnover increased, we managed to buy a new house, a new car etc: etc:

However, Aqa Moula’s doa Mubarak ‘ barakallahho’ is very expansive in its meaning and fruition. It is not restricted to material gains and prosperity only, it has deep meaning and covers the entire gamut of one’s life, so that a mumin by the virtue of this Doa Mubarak, is able to live a contended life of ease and happiness and also try to be spiritually awakened, and be in contemplation of his soul – which in fact is the real thing, whose emancipation, should be his striving and his goal.
In this Sheruallah Aqa Moula (TUS) has bought into focus this very fact in the Munajat Sharifa 1429H

Vazebat is directly linked to ‘barakat’ in the soul. It may seem a paradox to many, but here in is the truth. With this Doa Mubarak the community focus will have a paradigm shift from only material gains and prosperity to that of enrichment of character, mind and soul. One should now shift his focus from materialism to spirituality and the development of the mind.

Start looking more inward rather than outward. I am very confident that if one starts learning to focus on the ‘barakat’ emanating in his soul, on account of him giving ‘vazebat’ and receiving the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) a mumin will develop into a more fuller, awakened and emancipated human being.

His soul will find ecstasy and joy, the thirst for ‘Ilm’ will increase (things will so pass that he will be attending sabaks, circumstances will so transpire that he will be able to say his daily ‘namaz’ on time, will get opportunity to attend ‘miqaats’ etc: ) He will start acquiring that knowledge, which will set his mind free from worldly traps, will learn to feel contentment by detachment of transient things. His focus will be on the eternal and everlasting.

Mumineen will desist from vain glory in material possessions and imbibe noble traits of character, which will enrich the mind and soul.

The exalted status of Aqa Moula (TUS) and his beseeching Allah, on the Night of Qdr, itself signifies, that his Doa Mubarak stands fulfilled and answered.

Now it is for us mumineen to turn our focus on matters spiritual, and those concerning the development of noble virtues (makarim –ul- akhlaq) and acquiring of Ilm.

When the mind dwells in the midst of material and evil propensities, it is like a gentleman dwelling in the slums of the big city.

It is to the simple minded that Allah reveals His Own Nature. Here a word of caution, simple minded should not be confused with simpleton. Our soul is simple (baseet)

Always one should discriminate in one’s mind between true and false, the eternal and transient, and then leaving aside all that is transient, one will slowly learn to fix his mind, upon that which is eternal, that, which is everlasting.

Once realization dawns, we will surely experience the fruition of Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak in our daily lives.

For once, let us change our focus from materialism. In the context of Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak, wealth generation and worldly prosperity is secondary. It will surely grow, as you have already earned it (it is a different subject, which I will not elaborate here)

Focus on the barakats emanating on account of Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak on your mind and soul.

Barakat is not only material gains, it is more encompassing. Start looking inwards and realize the heavenly expanse of your mind and soul. Aqa Moula’s Doa Mubarak in the context of the above Abya’t Sharifa will surely help you in your quest.

The following lines are so very appropriate and authentic. They reveal the Noble Mission of Aqa Moula (TUS) In myriad of ways with the ‘ta’eed’ of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.) Aqa Moula (TUS) is leading mumineen to achieve total emancipation of mind, body and soul.

Hold steadfast to him, and see the miracle working in you.

‘ Dawat ki khilqaton se aja’aib nufusko
Ijaad kar raha hai ye A’shir naye naye

Farman e ezadi se Dawat ke kanj se
Makhrij tu kar raha hai khamair naye naye

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato – a’fiyat- ta- kiyamat. Ameen.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Earlier also I had written about BHAI TAHER TAMBAWALA, who is associated with MSB – Calcutta for the past 10 years, as Sports Instructor.

His zeal to excel in the field of his expertise, is largely according to him, on account of nazara’t and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) and his persistent efforts and focus.

After being honored with the prestigious post, the first amongst mumineen, that of State Representative for West Bengal for Martial Arts Authority of India, and conducting several State and National Meets, Bhai Taher has received a Doctorate in Martial Arts from the International University of Sports and Martial Arts Science – New Jersey, which is recognized by US Government.

Another first amongst mumineen worldwide in all probability. We at MSB – Calcutta are very proud of our very own Dr. Taher Tambawala. He is actively working towards the establishment of MSB Martial Arts Academy at Calcutta, and his dream is to create a pool of talent of our community youngsters, so that out of it one youngster gets an opportunity to represent India and become a serious medal contender in the 2012 London Olympics
I wish Dr. Taher Tambawala success and this Sherullah earnestly pray that may his dream be realized with the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS)
Dr. Taher Tambawala may be contacted at

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We are out on a shopping spree to bedeck our mind and soul, for Laylatul Qdr. You are invited to join and enrich yourselves.

Herein below are some of the most exclusive pieces of hauteur couture, that I have laid out, which will embellish the mind and soul.
I am not talking of the gold and diamond jewellery, with which we adorn our body, they do surely dazzle the eye, but in this post I am talking specifically about bedecking our mind and soul. What other better embellishment than the most moving and imploring doa mubarak by Moulana Ali (SA) that will surely take you on the spiritual path – this Laylatul Qdr Night.

“ Hamd be to my Lord ; He the Adorable, and only to be adored. My Lord the Eternal, the Ever existing; the Cherisher, the True Sovereign, the Regulator of the world and the Light of the creation.

His is our worship; to Him belongs all worship; He existed before all things, and will exist after all that is living has ceased. Thou art the Adored, my Lord; Thou art the Master, the Loving and Forgiving; Thou bestows power and might on whom Thou pleases, him who Thou has lowered, none can exalt.

Thou my Lord, are the Eternal, the Creator of all, All Wise Sovereign mighty; Thy Knowledge knows every thing; Thy Knowledge knows everything; Thy beneficence is all pervading; Thy forgiveness and mercy are all embracing.

O my Lord ! Thou are the Helper of the afflicted, the Reliever of all distress, the Consoler of the broken hearted. Thou are present every where to help Thy servants. Thou knows all secrets, all thoughts, are present in every assembly.

Full filler of our needs, Bestower of all blessings. Thou are the Friend of the poor and breaved; MY LORD - thou are my Fortress, a Castle for all who seek Thy help. Thou are the refuge of the weak, the Helper of pure and true.

O MY LORD – Thou are my supporter, my Helper, the Helper of all who seek Thy help.
O MY LORD – Thou are the Creator, I am only created, Thou are my Sovereign, I am only Thy servant; Thou are my Helper, I am the beseecher; Thou my Lord are my refuge; Thou are the Forgiver, I am the sinner; Thou may Lord, are the Merciful, All Knowing, All Loving, I am groping in the dark; I seek thy knowledge and love.

Bestow, my LORD all Thy Knowledge, Love and Mercy, forgive my sins, O my Lord, and let me approach Thee my Lord !

(Source: SAHIFA – KAMILA from Mishkat Book IV Chapter 18)

For most part of the year , we are preoccupied with materialism. Adorning and the upkeep of the body takes precedence , having very little time to look inward. Sherullah is the month and specially Layali fadelah, when one should seek out his soul. To help you in understanding your mind and soul – the real things, I present a dazzling adornment, in the form of an Ode to the Soul by Abu Ali Husain ibn Sina (Avicenna)

It descended upon thee from out of the regions above
That exalted, in effable, glorious heavenly Dove
It was concealed from the eyes of all those, who its nature would ken (understand )
Yet it wears not a veil, and is ever apparent to men
Unwilling it sought thee and joined thee, and yet though it grieves
It is like to be still more unwilling thy body to leave
It resisted and struggled, and would not be tamed in haste
Yet it joined thee, and slowly grew used to this desolate waste
Till forgotten at length, as I grew, were its haunts and it troth
In the heavenly gardens and grooves, which to leave it was loath.

Until when it entered the D of its downward descent
And to earth, to C of its centre, unwillingly went
The eye (I) of infirmity smote it, and lo it was hurled
Midsts the sign-post and ruined abodes of this desolate world
It weeps, when, it thinks of its home and the peace it possessed
With tears welling forth from its eyes without pause or rest
And with plaintive mourning it broodeth like one bereft
O’er such trace of its home as the four field winds have left
Thick nets detain it, and strong is the cage whereby
It is held from seeking the lofty and spacious sky
Un till, when the hour of its homeward flight draws near
And it is time for it to return to its ampler sphere
It carols with joy, for the veil is raised and it spies
Such things as cannot be witnessed by waking eyes
On lofty height doth it warble its songs of praise
For even the lowliest being doth knowledge raise
And so it returns, aware of all hidden things
In the Universe, while no stain to its garment clings

(Ode to the Soul translated by Professor E.G.Browne of
Cambridge – History of Persia – volume 2 p 110-111)

So let us for once adorn these thoughts, let our soul for once dazzle on this Laylatul Qdr
Night. See our soul for once peek out of our body, set it free to carol with joy, let it for once warble its songs of praise, and observe its dazzle and purity as we immerse ourselves in Ibada’t.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) sehato – a’fiyat-ta-kiyamat. Ameen.

Doa ni Iltemas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Fight against CANCER is proving to be loosing battle, full of pain and sufferings for the patients, and a great cause of worry, mental agony and draining of financial resources, for the haggard loved ones and hapless relatives.
In this post I am only talking about our Community.
Cancer related deaths are on the rise. In my city alone, within the past 2 – 3 months, 6 mumineen have died because of cancer related disease, ( information provided by Hizbe Husaini member) and a few are undergoing treatment. In other cities and towns also, if one cares to find out, many such instances, of death because of Cancer, may come to light.

With no financial cover to fund exorbitant medical bills, because the tenets of our Deen, do not allow any form of Insurance Cover, the family are at their wits end. It is a very painful and pathetic scenario.

The costs of the treatment are so high, that even arranging medical aid of say Rupees 1 lac, in a particular case, proves wholly inadequate.

CANCER gets detected, the family is in a shock, their whole world turns upside down. The family, which barely manages to maintain a decent standard of living, braces up to face the future with fortitude, always hoping , that a miracle will happen. All the time, wishing away the dreaded monster.

Three months ago, when initials treatment and chemo were being administered, I had talked with the person, and was amazed at his composure and fortitude, to face the monster, head on. Tears flowed when I was told- just keep praying, as they were willing to “bear their own cross’ and were confident , that they will overcome. I at that point of time, simply marveled at the courage, and the noble trait of ‘sabr’, which became evident.

Funds for the treatment had been arranged from friends and family, in large part as KH to be repaid.
But sadly CANCER is an unrelenting monster, it refuses to be cowed down, it strikes hard and fast, in many instances. The family is shattered, the close circle of friends and relatives, are all very helpless. With no back up support, the medical bills keep rising, one things leads to another in quick succession. It is like a vortex from, where there is no coming out, money borrowed goes down the drain, so to say. There is no complete cure in sight, after spending around 5-6 lacs and much more, in many known instances.
As I write this post, the patient is still in the hospital in a very critical condition.


What is needed is expert advice and guidance, to be put on public domain (eg: DB Net – Malumaat etc : ) so that at least, if need arises, mumineen can log in and seek information and guidance, which can be passed on to the patient and the relatives, so that a correct perspective can be formed by them.

Asgar says will not count, however, sound and rational it may seem. Dr. Asgar says and it will surely be taken into consideration. This is reality.

I know it is not a big deal. There is a lot of information on the Net, but it is for the experts in the field of medicine, to retrieve information and guidance, that can be understood by laymen like me.

I have managed to assimilate some information on the subject of Pain and palliative care of terminally ill cancer patients from the Net.

‘ The goal of palliative care are to control symptoms in patients with advanced disease and enhance their quality of life. Hospice, which involves providing care for terminally ill patients, is a step in the right direction. (Is it possible for our community to have a few of these specialty treatment centers – I had made a reference to this in my earlier post – ‘ Death is but a dropping of the flower, so that the fruit may swell.
Pain affects more than 70% of the cancer patients, but is often under treated. The world Health Organization’s step wise guide to pain control serves as an excellent basis for management. Around the clock dosing using adjuvant treatments, and using non invasive routes of administration provide good pain control for 80 % patients.
Ack: Article : Assessment and management of Pain in Palliative care Patients.
Source: Cancer control Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Centre.
Is it possible that the medical fraternity and mumineen who are pursuing medical studies, can work on the above subject, and put on public domain some resources along with their expert advice, so that patients and relatives can at least get an opportunity to get second opinion, and can discuss with their Oncologist and doctor.

In the earlier part of this very post, I had made a reference to a patient family, who had shown exemplary courage and fortitude to fight the monster head on. The patient was in a critical state, when I began writing this post, and now, when I am about to post it, I have just been informed that the patient, has lost the battle, leaving behind a shattered family and a lot of financial burden to be shouldered.

Such is the enormity and seriousness of the situation. As such, thru this post I appeal, that some positive thinking and work should be done in this respect, and what better time, than Sherullah, which is mukbil (nearing) in a few days.

During this month we will be meeting each other on daily basis. So my request is to be focused on the subject, try to carry on the dialogue and I am confident, that good will surely emerge out of it.

I am not claiming that if you mail this post to 10 - 20 or 100 persons, you will be blessed with a rich fortune, and if you do not e mail it, some harm will befall you.

Nothing of that sort will happen, but yes, if you e mail it to those, whom you feel, can offer some solutions and answers to check this monster, you will be doing an A’maal ul bir ( good deed) which is incumbent on every mumineen during the month of Sherullah.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Olympic Games ended in a glittering closing ceremony at the Birds Nest Stadium at Beijing. Preparation will start in earnest shortly for the next Olympiad to be held at London in the year 2012.
In this Olympic games one of our own mumin bhai from Yemen had received a wild card entry to take part in Gymnastic, a singular honor for our community, the very first as far as I can recollect.
Come 2012 and the Olympic games are going to be held in London, a city which our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) has visited on numerous occasions, and has a very close bond with the city. London also has a vibrant mumineen population.

One young and very talented friend of mine is focusing his energies on sending a Taek- won -do champion mumieen to represent India in the Olympics. Is it wrong to dream ? If you have any reservation on this point, do express your opion in the comment link.

This Blog is all about dreaming big and striving to implement those dreams for the community good. The following beautiful lines, taken from a country song, express the mission behind the Mind Mints Blog.

you were young enough to dream
I was old enough to learn something new’

So this post concerns of a dream to be realized by a young and energetic sportsperson, who is fully focused and has also done his home work right.

Hopefully when our world wide community will be celebrating the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) there will be emerging on the Fatemi horizon a Taek- won -do champion, our very own, who will be focused on participating in the Olympics and Allah Willing win Gold and Glory for India and our community in particular.

I write this post as Sherullah is nearing the bend, within a few days we will all be engulfed in prayers and will be fasting and doing pious deeds, so my request is to remember this young man and say a prayer, so that his dream is realized.

His proposal is to start MSB Martial Arts Academy at Kolkata.

Bhai Taher Tambawala is Representive of Martial Arts Authority of West Bengal under the banner of Martial arts Authority of India (Department of Youth Sports & Martial Arts Affairs) the national body Sports & Martial Arts instructor of MSB Educational Institute –Kolkata for the last 10 years He also Vice President of the Martial Arts Authority of India.

Martial arts Authority of India is an official Governing body for all Martial Arts disciplines, traditional, contemporary, internal and all fighting events. Martial Arts Association- International (MAA-I) is representing 120 countries network and promoting multi martial arts. The oldest body of Martial Arts in the world.

Mission Statement:
Our primary mission is dedication to health, strength and longevity. We as a team strive for the following.
1. To listen and understand the want and need of our students members and families and to address those want and need specifically.
2. To continually educate and train over self and update our skill in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence.
3. To educate and train our students, members and families so that they are empowered to protect them and maintain optimal health.
To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom

Bhai Taher is trying to set up an Academy in Kolkata and the brief outline of his Proposal is as follows:

Projected Proposal

Preffered area where the Academy may be set up - South Kolkata
Space Needed – 1400 Sq Ft

Space Divided 2 Sections:

900 Sq Ft – Martial Arts Room (Around 40-50 Students + Changing Room Boys & Girls + Instructor room)
500 Sq Ft for Registration office, Toilet Boys & Girls, Waiting Room + Meeting Room & ECT.

Expense: 10 Lak +

Income Through: Life time Membership : 50,000
Annual Membership : 15,000
Package Work-out : 5000
Monthly : 400
Life Time Membership & Annual Membership Daily Fix time
Package Work-out Contains: Martial Arts Class, Yoga & Aerobic Classes (4 Days a week for 4 months)
Monthly Contains: 2 days per week only Martial Arts Classes

Work on the proposal has already started with the look out for a proper space at reasonable rent.

In the recently held 3rd Inter School Open Martial Arts Championship organized by MSB – Kolkata , 21 schools participated, and MSB – Kolkata with 46 medals were declared CHAMPIONS followed by The Heritage School – 43 medals and Delhi Public School winning 29 medals.

So here we have a potential, which needs encouragement and your prayers. Suggestions are welcome. Mumineen who want to be part of this Project may email to Bhai Taher at – and he will keep you updated on the development. Keep the momentum going, some thing positive will surely emerge, for the greater good of the community.

Be part of the dream and do pray during Sherullah for the realization of the dream.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


English meanings of Arabic words, which we frequently hear in va’az and sabaks and may also hear in Sehrullah. The niyat behind posting the blog is to start reflecting.

Inseparable - mulazim separable - mufariq the existential - Wujudiyah

antecedent - muqaddam consequence - ta’li

conclusive - muntiz inconclusive – ‘aqim A thing - ‘shai

Syllogism - qiyas induction - istiqra analogy - tamthil

Premises - muqqadima conclusion - natija modalities - jihat

Contingency - mumkin primary questions - masa’il

Prime matter - hayula Giver of Forms - Wahib al Suwar

Reality - haqiqa - essence - mahiyya existence - wujud

Binding - Wajib necessary - matter – madda

Eternal - qadin created - muhdath original existence - ibda

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


BOOK :” The seven keys to color healing - Diagnosis and treatment using color.” By RONALD HUNT.

To regard it, for one moment , as anything less would be like a woman who recalled only that electricity was something that heated her press iron. Whereas we know that it is a cosmic energy that man has learned to harness to give artificial light, heat and cold, and innumerable application is made to serve mankind.


1. PHYSICAL BODY : the etheric or sensual body.
2. ASTRAL BODY : made of finer etheric substances, emotional or desire body.
3. Interpenetrating this is the lower mental body or concrete mind.
4. Transcending this again is the Higher mental body.
5. Spiritual body.
6. Intuitional body
7. Causal body.

7 bodies within one body and the radiation from them all composing the AURA or magnetic atmosphere. Herein is depicted in waves of light and color, the physical, emotional, lower and higher mental and spiritual addendum of consciousness - the talents, the deficiencies, the vibrant health or the weakness of disease.

A seer can make a diagnosis at a distance of many thousands of miles provided there is a vibration link with the individual. They can see the entire aura of soul’s consciousness. Seers of perfect selflessness and purity of motive, are privileged upon occasion to see the soul bared of the causal body.

RED: great energizer. Red controls the Root Chakra or coccyges center, at the base of the spine, which governs the vitality of the physical body, particularly the creative and restorative process.

ORANGE: relieves repression, freeing action upon bodily and mental function, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom - it is also termed as ‘wisdom ray’. Orange controls the second chakra or Splenic centre (Pancreas) assisting in the assimilative, distributive and circulatory process.

YELLOW: The rays carry positive magnetic currents and are non-stringent having an alkalizing effect which strengthens nerves. Yellow rays are awakening, inspiring, and vitally stimulating to the higher mentality - the reasoning faculties. Yellow stimulated the third chakra or Solar Plexus - the great brain of the nervous system, controlling the digestive processes in the brain and stomach.

GREEN : It is the color of nature, the color of balanced strength, the color of progress in mind and body. It stands for harmony. Green stimulates the cardiac chakra or the Heart Centre.

BLUE : The blue ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world. Blue controls the Laryngeal Chakra or the throat center, often referred to as the power center - the greatest creative center in man’s body.

INDIGO : This color is a great purifier of the physical bloodstream, and also a tremendous mental freeing and purifying agent, controlling the psychic currents of our finer bodies. Indigo combines the deep blue of devotion and clear logical thought, with faintest trait of the stabilizing red tone. Indigo is related to the frontal chakra behind the brow, anciently termed as the third eye, controlling the pineal gland.

VIOLET : The violet rays possess the most intense electro chemical power.
It is the ideal purifier, the purifier of ideals. Violet has a great inspirational effect. Violet provides nourishment for all those cells in our upper brain that expands the horizon of our Divine understanding. Leonardo da Vinci maintained that our power of meditation increases ten fold under the rays of violet light falling softly through stained glass windows.

WHITE: The white ray is not a ray in the color sense. It is a symposium of all seven rays. White has the attribute of lifting and dynamizing any single ray color and of transmitting that ray to the peak of its characteristic potentialities.

Thus white may be compared to electricity flowing into a colored bulk, which gains increasing dazzling luminosity as higher voltages are passed through it.

Similarly the cosmic white light flowing into the bulb of consciousness, colored with our particular ray outlook, raises and expands our auric light, extending our power of perception of inner and cosmic realities.

When at the zenith of Human consciousness, we perceive the reflection of the Divine cosmic Light, we experience the falling away of all that is dross, a transmutation of all our baser earthly elements of disease.

The white light from the higher planes is duly Divine Manna capable of vitalizing every living thing. It may be used to charge water by an effort of will power.