Sunday, April 29, 2012



Today 8th Jumadil Akhar 1432 H Sunday 29th April 2012 a radiant personality of the Burhani Daur passed away at Mumbai. Khuda taala Huzurala Tus ne aap na Mansoos Tus, Sadaat Kiram, Qasre ali Sahebo ane tamam dawat na logo ne, mumineen ne Sabre jamile ataa karjo.  (Ack: Zeninfosys)

On this sad day I recollect the I'lmi lecturers I was blessed to attend in the late 1980 during the kiyam sharif of late Shz: Saheb at Kolkata.  The lectures were held at a Business Conference  Hall at Clive Row, in the business district. 

The lectures had a profound impact on me, and still to this day I recollect, walking back all the way home, reflecting on them, completely lost in thought, and feeling elated as I walked back all alone through the nearly empty business district, as the lectures were held late in the evening. 

As a tribute to  the glowing memory of late Shz: Saheb Professor Hatimbhai Saheb,  I share with my readers, an article I had written during that period entitled IMAN based on his lectures. 

IMAN  is timeless and the word itself, is so full of meaning, that a single English word, can never do full justice. It is difficult to translate, well neigh impossible. 

IMAN  is part and parcel of a true devout mumin. In its very essence the heart and mind of Islam. 

As stated earlier, as a single English word cannot do justice to the word IMAN , it is better and more appropriate  to arrive at the meaning of IMAN by looking at the various aspects of the word. 

IMAN  when considered as a noun means 'divine faith'. It should be clarified that, it is not merely faith , or in a simpler term belief, but it is more than that, something more pure, something more spiritual, a thing a faith - that leads you, a true mumin to Eternity. IMAN makes you timeless in one sense. 

From another angle, when IMAN when considered as an active noun implies that a devout mumin bears witness to the Truth ( the word Truth is more appropriate than fact) that there is no god but ALLAH  and that Muhammad (SA) is his Messenger, his Rasul, that Maulana Ali (SA) is the Guardian, the undisputed custodian of Authority. A true mumin bears witness to the Truth in the Hour ( the Day of Judgement) Jannat and Jahannam are reality. The affirmations made each day in repeated recitation of 'tahiyyat'. 

IMAN  is also a system. It has different ranks, different groups, primarily not determined by wordl affluence, but only by quantum of divine and spiritual intelligence and piety. In the system of IMAN, there are two different ranks of mumineen. 

1. Those having shortcomings - for them there is much to learn. They have to aspire for knowledge, only by which, they can make true progress in the realm of IMAN. Only clear thinking and the pursuit  for the Truth will help them in reaching the higher status. 

2. The higher status comprises of mumineen, who have acquired the correct knowledge by their untiring efforts and have strived to know the truth, or more precisely those that know Ta'wil - which means the origin of Truth. 
 Article from my Diary. 

Monday, April 23, 2012


The barakaat of Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah in Kolkata has finally reached 100% households in the city. Mubarak ! Mubarak ! Kudos to all those who have actively associated with  FMB  under the kiyadat of  Amil Saheb Janab Yusuf Bs Mohiyuddin (DM) and very active participation of Janab Musta'ali Bs Mohiyuddin (DM)

 It is heartening to note that more and more mumineen are getting associated and the entire 'mohim' which is now well regulated and coordinated. Sharing  photos, so that other centres may also benefit
Readers of my post, are welcome to share their personal experiences by commenting on the post. 

                                  100% mumineen housholds are receiving Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah Barakaat
                                   The distribution system is streamlined.  Each packet contains 10 foil packed bags.

The packets are awaiting transportation to different locations around the metropolis, where Tanzeem members ensure smooth distribution.

  Is it just rice ?  It is an elixir, and more and more evidence is coming from around the world of the barakat emanating by partaking of the ' Thali' 

                       The Central coordinating office Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah - Saifee Masjid

Friday, April 6, 2012

Marasiya - Abkika Molayal Hussain

NOTE: As there is a problem with line breaks in the post, for easy reading you may click on the below link.

ABKIKA MOLAYAL HUSSAIN is the crowning jewel of Fatemi eulogy. Each verse is a precious and rare gem, full of pathos, pain, yearning and vivid imagery. Each verse is infused with spirituality – the esoteric meanings, the haqaiq – the universal truths radiate in many verses, and the fluidity of narration takes the one who is blessed to recite, through the tragic events of Karbala. One important aspect of ABKIKA that I would like to dwell on in particular, is that the accompanying translation of each verse in lisan ul dawat, is not merely the translation of the Arabic, but it encompasses the thought process of Aqa Moula (TUS) – as he dwelt on the tragic events of Karbala. As he pictured in his minds eye, the thoughts, that arose to me seems to be coming from al-haykal al noorani (the pillar of Light of the effervesce souls) The ta’eed of Imam uz Zaman (SA) is evident. For us mumineen it is a great boon, the recitation of marasiya ABKIKA in Arabic and simultaneously reading the accompanied lisan ul dawat text, which in it self is so poignant and moving, to bring one to tears, and in so doing we get the sawab of doing zikr e Husain (SA) Just sharing one example : In verse 27 the liasan ul dawat translation of lines 4 & 5 read as follows: ‘ ke jeh Imam na a’la maqam par – hajaro sitarao dalalat kare chhe’ but the boon I am referring to is evident that Aqa Moula (TUS) shares his thoughts by giving us more insight into the most exalted station (a’la maqam) of Imam Husain (SA) ‘Kem ke…. He is that galaxy that firmament, that gives rise to thousands of stars, and that process is continuing, thousands of stars are being raised even today. Recent scientific discoveries are stating that the galaxies are expanding at rapid pace. I am not a science student , but the thought process shared by my Aqa Moula (TUS) confirms the fact in the spiritual realm, that yes indeed the galaxies are for ever expanding, more and more luminous stars are being raised, and ABKIKA adds to the luster and radiance. In my earlier post I had shared my ‘taffakur ‘on verse 10. So this is the beauty and power of ABKIKA. The a’la niyat, the desire the yearning of Muqaddas Syedna Taher Moula Saifuddin (RA) expressed in the Marsiya ‘Ya Sayyed- us - Shodaee’ that the zikr of Karbala, for ever remain in the minds of humanity, and through this ‘zikr’ may we full fill our desire to sacrifice on Moula Imam Husain (SA) has found its fulfillment and realization, in the most poignant and moving ilteza repeated at the end of each verse of ABKIKA 'My Moula Husain ! for ever on you, I will shed tears O my Moula Husain ! for ever on you, I will sacrifice O my Moula ! O my Moula Husain ! ‘ The poetic repetition (takrar) ‘ Moula Husain ‘, at the end of all the verses, is so very effective and is the essence – the ‘ruh’ of ABKIKA. In reminds one of the famous plea for succor verses of Syedna Al-Mu’ayyad al – Shirazi (RA) which we recite in the ‘Bawisa” - ya banil Mustafa alykum, alykum ( in you, in you, from you, from you etc : ) In ABKIKA, the mumineen receives the sawab of doing the tasbih of the name of Moula Husain (SA) The spiritual depth, the power, the motivation it gives to reflect and the beauty of ABKIKA has benefited me. It has inspired me, and resulted in 2 posts fulkul – Husain mulkul Husain Which goes to justify that in ABKIKA each verse , nay each line and each word contains, a sea of knowledge. What Sayedna Al- Mu’ayyad al-Shirazi (RA) addressed to the IMAM holds true in this context. Addressing the IMAM he says: Your knowledge is the sea and the knowledge possessed by all the world is like a drop from your overflowing sea. (Book Ref: Al-Muaayad al Shirazi and Fatimid Dawa Poetry – Dr. Tahera Qutbuddin) One is bound to move to tears if he reads the accompanied lisan ul dawat translation. The yearning, the pathos, the vivid and poignant imagery takes one on a spiritual journey and takes him/her back to the burning plains of Karbala on that fateful Ashura Day. How can one not be able to visualize the tragic events as they unfold in real time, if one is to read the verse 30. –‘rahu faayna faresu…… The state of the ‘haram’ on the day of Ashura is so poignantly depicted in the form of seeking answer to questions. The haram came out of their tents. The horse is there but where is the savar ? (rider) They started to look around ( how very moving, how true, it seems as if Aqa Moula was there, a witness to the events being unfolded) The question is repeated but the imagery is different, truly depicting the emotions and feelings of those, who are waiting for the loved one to return triumphant from the battlefield. The horse is there but where is the savar ? (rider) In fear and frustration they started to call out aloud The horse is there but where is the savar ? (rider) In deep sorrow and anguish they lamented (My translation does not do justice, but even if it moves you a little to reflect, you can well understand the power and depth of ABKIKA) In verse after verse, the tragic events of Karbala are infused with life and vitality in the minds of mumineen. In one verse, in anguish and pain he questions The hearts of muminen will not be shaken ? Tears will not gush forth from their eyes ? In another verse, he addresses the Day of Ashura. In one verse, directly addressing Imam Husain (SA) he affirms and declares, that Moula Imam Husain ! I always remember you, offering shukr, for your azeem bounties, and I am there ready and willing to carry out your commands. Do command me !! At the age of 101 Aqa Moula (TUS) is standing firm in the presence of Imam Husain (SA) in remembrance, doing shukr and awaiting his command. May ALLAH grant Aqa Moula (TUS) and his crowning jewel, his repose A’li Qadr Moylaya Mufaddal Saifuddin Moula (TUS) the strength to stand for ever in the radiant presence of Imam Husain (SA) for our emancipation and ascend. Ameen.