Thursday, July 3, 2014


One thing leads to another. Registered my self  to attend Hay House World Summit 2014, and in the process, got connected with the Hay House Face Book Community and stumbled upon BIOCENTRISIM  - a concept proposed in 2007 by Dr. Robert Lanza - a Scientist working in the field of regenerative medicine and biology - and got hooked.

One thing is certain. If you are focused and your seeking is pure and unadulterated - exiting things will be revealed to you.

Biocentricity involves a shift in the interpretation of Scientific knowledge, that may lead to new, better and holistic understanding of the beginning of the Universe. Dr. Robert Lanza's theory has evoked a mixed response from the Peers of the Scientific Community.

But for a layman like me, I foresee in near future a quantum leap in the understanding of the Creation of the Universe, from the outdated and crude Darwinian Theory - a leap that lands Science in the all embracing arms of Spirituality, which has been there for ages.

What I have understood is that Science has mellowed from its heydays, and now, with recent discoveries and cutting edge researches, especially in the field of quantum physics, the leading scientific community is, in fact helping a great deal in our understanding of the Spiritual Truths, which have remained unchanged for centuries.

The Gnostics, whose influence was felt mostly in the first and second century AD, identified the FIRST CAUSE - the True God as residing in the Pleroma (The Fullness) beyond space, time and causation, while material reality, is the creation of emanated beings,  the Intelligences.

Gita says : ‘Brahman, without beginning, Supreme, beyond what is and beyond what is not’

Max Plank, the god father of quantum theory says: ‘ I regard consciousness as primary and matter as derivative of consciousness’

The belief in a divine power dominated world thought, until 400 years ago, when scientific discoveries, and philosophical skepticism, began to shake faith. The theories and writings of Rene Descartes – Karl Marx – Charles Darwin - Fredrick Nietzsche , seemed to sink humankind into a slough of despair. Humanity had seemed to have lost direction. But science also proved to be a false god, and the world view left many despondent.

Till the beginning of 20th Century Spirituality was being assailed from all sides. On April 8, 1966, Time Magazine – an oracle of American Opinion, asked in boldfaced red “Is God Dead ?

However, in the later part of the 20th Century, with rapid advance in super computing, powerful telescopes, world wide Internet, and cutting edge discoveries in all fields of science, the Spiritual Truths were now being rediscovered, so to say, with scientific knowledge.

Dr. Mani Bhowmik – the co-inventor of laser technology in his Book : ‘ Code Name God’ has this to say - ‘ Strangely enough the same scientific methods, that once compelled us to question the existence of God, is now, by way of advanced physics and cosmology, developing evidence that tend to support our old age belief in a transcendent power.

The quantum Universe is a reality, where same tiny particles may occupy, two places at one time, or react instantly to event light years away.

He goes on to state that : physics is close to proving that material reality (our Universe, we the entire humanity, everything included) emerges from a common source.

However, it is a living miracle that in past few decades – Science and its awakened, and enlightened Scientific community – their numbers are ever growing , by their scientific pursuits and discoveries are becoming champions of Spirituality.


Biocentricity is validating Spirituality, the wisdom propounded by sages and philosophers is gaining acceptance by Science. Biocentrism teaches that it is consciousness that creates the material world, and not the other way round. It implies that Intelligence existed prior to matter. He also claims that space and time are not objects or things, but rather tools of our human understanding. THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED FOR US. THE THEORY IMPLIES THAT DEATH OF CONSCIOUSNESS SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST.

There are over 200 physical parameters within the Universe, so exact, that it seems as more probable that, they are that way in order to allow for the existence of life and consciousness, rather than coming about at random.

Biocentrism claims that allowing the OBSERVER in the overall equation, opens new approaches to our understanding of the Universe - how very true and exiting from the point of Spirituality.

Dr. Deepak Chopra states: ' his theory of biocentrism is consistent with most ancient wisdom traditions of the world, which says Consciousness, conceives, governs and becomes a physical world. '

Biocentrism suggests, that life is not an accidental by product of physics, but rather is a key part of our understanding the Universe.

I am observing Ramadan, the month of fasting, prayers, spiritual reflection and doing good deeds. What an opportune moment for me to have come across during this Blessed Month on a path breaking Scientific Theory that tries to address and give some insight, into my fast held beliefs and truths.

I have just managed to skim the surface, and hope to dwell deep with more reading during this month.

Indebted to Hay House World Summit Community.