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100th Milad - My Quest

Sharing with my readers, my personal quest to understand and evolve. Knowledge is very much there ,out in the open for a true seeker. Hope you will find the journey both enlightening and awakening, as you read on.

There is no definite road map in this quest of knowledge. I will be sharing all that which is available in the public domain. Aqa Moula’s noorani bayan mubaraks rendered in vaaz, and the Nasihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb form the bedrock, the starting point of this quest.

Nasihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb :

(Readers may kindly bear with my hoarse voice. As I am not able to upload in Liasan ul Dawat, Text of the Nasihat, as of now. I hope to do so soon.

If one is a true seeker, the knowledge is there, waiting for him. One should be sincere. The Nasihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb is there, Aqa Moula's bayan mubarak are there - comprising of ' Al Iqtebasats al Noraniyah' articles published by Nasim E Sahar and Badre Muneer etc: one has to just make an effort to read it, the Nasihat is so eloquent and easy to understand. Nothing is left to imagination and deduction.

I will be quoting from texts that I have come across in my readings and surfing the Net. The purpose of this quest, is to understand, that both Spirituality and Science are complimentary to each other.

What I have understood is that Science has mellowed from its heydays, and now, with recent discoveries and cutting edge researches, especially in the field of quantum physics, the leading scientific community is, in fact helping a great deal in our understanding of the Spiritual Truths, which have remained unchanged for centuries.

Nasihat ; ‘ insaf na mujab a’ bari ni inayat thai ‘
‘bari’ - Allah referred to here is Mubde Haq Subhanu. Let us understand, first things first.
Al – Bari is the First and only Eternal Being, the One, Unique and the One in every respect. HE has no partner and no peer and no anthropomorphic attribute or action, should be ascribed to HIM.

HE is the CAUSE of all causes and the end of all ends. HE is the final cause in the sense that HE is something that always is to be.

The Gnostics, whose influence was felt mostly in the first and second century AD, identified the FIRST CAUSE - the True God as residing in the Pleroma (The Fullness)beyond space, time and causation, while material reality, is the creation of emanated beings - roohani.

Gita says : ‘Brahman, without beginning, Supreme, beyond what is and beyond what is not’

Nasihat : ‘aa jismani a’lam na A’shir ne havala chhe ‘

A’shir – the Tenth Pure Intellect is the Lord of this Universe. Here refer to Aqa Moula’s several bayan mubaraks, and the concept becomes crystal clear. There is no ambiguity. Once I started to append the word GOD as referred in Judeo Christian belief system to A’shir, my understanding of the concepts became clear. Whenever, I came across the word GOD in my reading, I tried to visualize Moula A’shir – that far and not beyond. This to me was very important in my understanding.

Our DEEN contains the knowledge of the beyond. If one is to read the bayan mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) and the Nasihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb, one can easily understand how Alam e roohani came about, and how Al Jismul Mutlaq - The Absolute Body, or second matter, the substance, of which this Universe is made, came into existence.

I am confining myself to trying to understand how recent scientific discoveries are helping me in understanding the Spiritual Truths. This than is my quest.

My presentation on CHANDRAYAN proves how a Spiritual quest can be understood fully and more deeply with the help of Scientific discoveries. In this presentation I am trying to understand how Moulana A’shir (GOD) goes about his tadbeer.

Max Plank, the god father of quantum theory says: ‘ I regard consciousness as primary and matter as derivative of consciousness’

The mind is like a child – innocently curious though prankful and mischievous – Intellect is like a mother. Use mother craft to sooth and lull the mind, which is child like. So with this advice, let me begin the journey. Are you coming along with me ?

The belief in a divine power dominated world thought, until 400 years ago, when scientific discoveries, and philosophical skepticism, began to shake faith. The theories and writings of Rene Descartes – Karl Marx – Charles Darwin - Fredrick Nietzsche , seemed to sink humankind into a slough of despair. Humanity had seemed to have lost direction. But science also proved to be a false god, and the world view left many despondent.

Till the beginning of 20th Century Spirituality was being assailed from all sides. On April 8, 1966, Time Magazine – an oracle of American Opinion, asked in boldfaced red “Is God Dead ?

There were many so called educated in our community, who were unable to come to term with our Faith, and were creating a lot of trouble, and Muqqadas Syedna Taher Moula Saiffudin (RA) was all alone, battling out with vigor, and his having firm faith in Imam uz Zaman (SA)

He derived his strength and energies from Taeed of Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A.) and he always addressed his longings and aspirations to Panjatan-e- Pak (S.A.) and Aimat-Tahereen, in whose madeh and eulogies he found spiritual strength and bliss. His often recited Qasida Mubaraka - ' Banul mustafal Mukhtaare Khayrul Khalaeqi ' written in 1374 H - Risalah Sharifah Ramadhaniyah Nahrun Noor-ish Sha'shani, gives us some idea of his complete reliance and surrender to the wishes of Ahle bait- e Nabi (S.A.)

La'in dhayyaqad dunya alayya fa in-nani
be-taeedekum ya saadati ghairo dhaeqi

If ever I face restrain in the affairs of this world ,
I never feel constrained because of your taeed O my leaders !

(28 court cases and a number of insinuations and false accusations, he stoutly overcame them all, and gave befitting replies, because of the taeed of Imam-uz -Zaman (S.A.)

Note: As we celebrate the 100th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) with pomp and grandeur, let us spare a thought, shed a few tears for the scarifies, made by our Awliya Kiram sahebs in the past, just to uphold their faith.
Readers are adviced to refer to my article Fazr Sadiq.


However, in the later part of the 20th Century, with rapid advance in super computing, powerful telescopes, world wide Internet, and cutting edge discoveries in all fields of science, the Spiritual Truths were now being rediscovered, so to say, with scientific knowledge.

Dr. Mani Bhowmik – the co-inventor of laser technology in his Book : ‘ Code Name God’ has this to say - ‘ Strangely enough the same scientific methods, that once compelled us to question the existence of God, is now, by way of advanced physics and cosmology, developing evidence that tend to support our old age belief in a transcendent power.

The quantum Universe is a reality, where same tiny particles may occupy, two places at one time, or react instantly to event light years away

( my taffakur - The tragedy of Karbala that happened 1400 years ago is still moving us to grief, and when Aqa Moula (TUS) happens to recite the ‘sahadat’ of Imam Husain (SA) it raises a crescendo of emotions and feelings, because there is a connect, and our reaction is instantaneous, although on physical plain, there is a lot of difference, each individual is so very different - which again is not real, if one is to understand properly. We are ‘one’ largely because of our faith in one Moula.) As above, so below.

He goes on to state that : physics is close to proving that material reality (our Universe, we the entire humanity, everything included) emerges from a common source ( my taffakur Mubde Haq Subhanahu – Taeed emanating from Aql Awaal – the First Intelligence and seven Ukool ruahniya to Moulana A’shir – jehne duniya na havala chhe) which Mani Bhowmik refers to as ‘primary field’ We refer to A’lm ul Amr.

Let me share with my readers another scientific discovery, there have been many others like this in recent years, discoveries that have death a death blow to the Theory of Evolution, propounded by Charles Darwin.

Scientific discovery of life forms on Earth : “ The oldest data of the Earth’s strata in which fossils of complex life forms appear, were laid in the CANBRAIN PERIOD estimated at between 543 and 490 million years ago. In the strata older than the Cambrian Period, no fossils of the living things can be found, apart from the single cell organism. In the Cambrian Period, however, a variety of distinctly different life forms, suddenly appeared. More than 30 life forms, such as sea urchins, star fish, snails and fish appeared in a single moment. (www.harunyahya.com)

However, it is a living miracle that in past few decades – Science and its awakened, and enlightened Scientific community – their numbers are ever growing , by their scientific pursuits and discoveries are becoming champions of Spirituality.

Hope you have found my first post of the 100th Milad Mubarak enlightening and awakening. I am in the process of taking out a 100th Milad Commemorative Book, containing 100 articles that I have managed to share with my readers in the past years. I also hope to upload it as ‘free down load’ on my home page.
I seek your doa and best wishes.

I am working on the next 100th Milad Post - Material Reality - in order to understand how Moulana A'shir goes about his tadbeer. Your comments prove to be a source of inspiration in my quest.


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Thank you for your amazing articles. Nothing short of brilliance. Makes me reflect every time. You do a great service to people like me that are just trying to comprehend the complexities of life.

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this might be a bit late
myself being a student of studying english as a first language am astonished by your use of the language to simplify the complex equation of life
i have taken this as another source of my learning but over all textbooks i have
thanking you would not pay the debt i owe in return to this beautiful burst of knowledge from all sides

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Salaams I had listed to your first video in this article before years ago, and would like to listen again. Any chance you can make it available please. Shukran.