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Continuing from the previous post, all was not lost. In our Deen we are more concerned with knowledge that ‘illuminates’ Mere accumulation of knowledge for the sake of acquiring an aura of a very learned person, is not encouraged. Acquiring of knowledge should have a definite purpose, and that purpose in our Deen is the quest to understand Tawheed of Allah.

Like speech,knowledge which is a mile long but only a centimeter deep is of little value. So it can be surmised, that the I’lm of Ale Mohammad – the true I’lm required for the emancipation of souls, and to make us mumineen into ‘farishta shifa’t’ (angelic human being) did survive the onslaught of the Crusades and the ravages of the Mongols.

When the Mongol hoards were destroying every known vestige of humanity, culture and knowledge, so assiduously nurtured by Islam since the beginning of 8th Century, through the lands of Central Asia, our revered Doat e Kirams fully occupied themselves in the intellectual pursuit and enquiry of Tawheed, in the relative safety and seclusion of Yemini Mountains and valleys. This is what term, as a blessing in disguise.

Let me share with my young educated friends, some facts from history. AKHBAR IS ANWA’R – provided you are willing to reflect, and not to rot, as we use to do in school days.

When Chengiz Khan was marauding Central Asia, during that time or thereabout, Syedna Hatim Mohyuddin (RA) was engrossed in writing of 16 Dawat kutubs, and his Mazoon Syedna Mohammad Taher (RA) – known as ‘Bawisa na Saheb ‘ had written 7 kutubs.

The death of Syedna Hatim Mohyuddin Moula (RA) in 596 AH coincided with the total destruction of Bagdad, as referred to in my earlier post in 1218 AD.

Syedna Ali Bin Molaya Mohammad Walid (RA) assumed the august office of Dai ul Mutlaq in 605 AH (1227 AD) I will request my readers to log on to the shared link. Please do read and reflect, reflect,and reflect – it has been compiled by me as a WAKE UP CALL.

Doa of Nabi Muhammad (SA) - the loom of 18 lusicious grapes - intervening 5 centuries - 18 Doat Kiram in the progeny - 'nasl' of Walid who died a polytheist- the first Dai Syedna Ali Bin Molaya Walid in all writing 18 kutubs !!!

This then, my young friends is the beauty of OUR DEEN ! This is the symmetry, the confluence that the Spiritual Masters and in this 21st century the awakened scientists. are trying to unravel.

Let me share with you just one example of what I have referred earlier as ‘illuminative’ Knowledge.

‘Information is not matter, although it is imprinted on matter, it comes from elsewhere, from an intelligence'

O K fine, my young friends will quip – now prove it.

This is a Spiritual Truth but we need a philosopher and a Scientist like Stephen C Meyer of Cambridge University. To prove this point, he used to demonstrate to his class by holding two computer disks.

One full of software and other data

The other – a blank. Now, the mass of both is same, but one is blank and the other contains a lots and lots of information. Outwardly both are same but the difference , and a big one that too, is in the contents.

On account of the Crusades and the ravages of Mongols, many valuable Arabic Books were destroyed for ever. Just one example : Kitab Al Insaf by Bu ali Sina (The Book of Impartial Judgment) which investigates 28000 questions – The manuscripts of Insaf disappeared at the sack of Isfahan.

This is one small example of the extent of Intellectual Activity of the Muslims – Persians and Arabs in particular during the glorious epoch. However , many thousands survived and like our Doat Kiram sahebs of Yemen and later in India, Doat Kirams and hudood fozala kiram shaebs, some devoted their entire life, in the study of I’lm of Ale Muhammad (SA)

Just two glowing examples. Syedi Ameen bin Jalal, whose quest for acquiring I’lm was so focused, that we mumineen know that even the ‘water’ in the his lamp, turned into oil, so that the radiance of Fatemi Uloom, be preserved for posterity. Another name, just one from hundreds of savants , is that of Syedi Abdulkader Hakimuddin Moula (RA)

However, very unfortunately after the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, as detailed in my 3rd Post, during 19th and 20th Century, when English Education held sway over the minds of elite class, a definite wedge began to develop between Spirituality and Science. Islam was grossly misrepresented. Original enquiry and intellectual pursuits became confined to selected few, who were seekers of truth, but they were hedged with skeptism and materialism all around, and retreated in their secured shell. The time, it seems, had not come.

However, on the other hand, there were very enterprising souls, who managed to read the original surviving Arabic and Persian Texts, a few noted were German Scholars. Translations in different languages, slowly but surely started to appear.

I salute their enterprising works, which were avidly read and reflected upon, by the growing un-biased intellectual community of Western Philosophers, Educationists and most importantly Scientists, actively pursuing to understand the mystery of Universe.

On the occasion of the 100th Milad Mubarak, I will make an honorable mention of few of the pioneering authors and their works, which helped in revitalizing of the Islamic Theology and Philosophy.

Rudolph Strothmann ( 1877-1960)

Louis Massignon ( 1883-1962)

A Guide to Islamic Literature (1933) compiled by W. Ivanow. A Russian Scholar of repute.

History of Islamic Philosophy – Henry Corbin

Ismaili Thought in the Age of al – Hakim (SA) 1999 Publication by Paul E Walker.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr. A widely read modern renowned Ismaili Scholar
A few of his Books :

Tradition of Islam in the Modern world.
Ideals and Realities of Islam.
Science and Civilization in Islam - Harvard University Press 1968

Ismaili Literature – a bibliography of Sources and Studies - Farhad Daftry.

The Library of the Institute of Islamic Studies in London contains valuable original documents and Manuscripts, which are providing rich reference material.

From mumineen point of view of interest, it has the oldest illuminated copy of Rasail – 44 /1040 AH of Ikhwan us Shafa. It also has a manuscript of Syedna Ali bin Hanzala (RA) 6th Dai – a number of copyist – the last is one Gulam Husyn Mulla Fidahusian Biyawari – 1931 AD

My young friends, the niyat behind bombarding you will all the above Names and Book References, is to just make you understand, more importantly to make you aware, how True knowledge of Tawheed, for the understanding and expounding of which, our Duat Kiram and huddod fozala kirams, worked relentlessly and in seclusion, has finally found a niche, amongst the seekers of not accumulative but ‘illuminative’ knowledge in all streams of intellectual pursuit.

My young educated friends, who have been avid readers of modern day Philosophers and Thinkers like - Louise Hay, Haisch Bernard, Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrne, Echart Tolle etc: I humbly seek an answer from you.

Have you read or heard of the Book by Dr. Najmuddin Saheb – Ameerul Jamea ?

‘A Philosphical Discourse by His Holiness Dr. Syedna Taher Saiffudin ‘ Published by Al –Jamea-tus- Saifiyah.

In his commentary Dr. Najmuddin Saheb an erudite scholar of Fatemi Philosophy, citing reference to Ikhwan –us- shafa , states that ‘ Philosophy is a three tired pyramid, the three tiers comprising of:

Love of Sciences

The comprehension of the facts of Creation to the best of human ability

Practice by words and deeds of the knowledge so gained.

The most renowned exponent of deeds reflecting words - 'ibadatayn' was Syedna Hamid al Din Al Kirmani (RA)

Friends, I have just made a few references, and Insa Allah in my 6th Post I will try to reflect on the convergence of Spirituality and Sciences, resulting from pioneering researches and reflections done by modern day Philosopher Scientists and Thinkers.

Ken Webler is just one example of a Biochemical Scientist, trying to understand the Spiritual Truths, resulting in ' A Brief History of Everything '
My Blog Post :

From my personal perspective, how these modern day marvels of cutting edge Science has helped me, in gaining more insights in my understanding of the Spiritual Truths learnt by attending ‘sabaks’. A presentation of 'DNA Molecule' made by me, has to wait, as I feel, it's time has not come, although I have shared it with a few, who I know are taking Haqiqat sabaks, and fully comprehend.

Spirituality and Science are converging like never before. I hope to reflect and share on them, in my Sixth Post Insa Allah, which coincidentally will be my 100th Post on my “MindMints” Blog, started in the year 2008.

I had been blessed with ziyarat of Yemen Doat e Kiram (RA) and had shared my experience on the Blog.
For those who have not exhausted themselves by the reading of this blog, may well log on to the following link.

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